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Medical Case Passengers

Ethiopian Airlines is always pleased to provide convenient and comfortable service to all our esteemed passengers who require special individual assistance. It is our constant effort to meet these needs to the best of our ability. The following information is provided to help customers who might be traveling for medical treatment.

Passengers shall bring medical information from the attending doctor within 7 days of the issue date to get the approval of Ethiopian Airlines medical doctor/designate. Approved MEDIF is valid for 72 hours (three days) and the date shall be written in the Gregorian calendar (GC).  

If the travel itinerary includes airlines other than Ethiopian, please check directly with that airline as different policies and procedures may apply.

For Passengers with reduced mobility traveling on the sector Addis Ababa – all USA destinations or vice versa, different policies and procedures apply. To view the details, please use the following link:

Services for Customers with reduced mobility traveling to/from USA

Passengers with certain medical conditions and passengers requiring special care during the flight are required to complete our MEDIF form. The MEDIF Form under information Sheet for passenger Requiring Special assistance is to be completely filled up by the passenger or his authorized representative, in case the passenger is unable to do so.

While the other part under information Sheet for passenger Requiring Medical clearance has to be filled up by the physician in charge of the invalid passenger and provides information about the clinical condition of the passenger. It is mandatory to complete the MEDIF including the treating physician’s certification and the undertaking/passenger declaration at the end of the MEDIF.

Please use the following link to download the MEDIF forms in one file:

Forms for Passengers Requiring Special Assistance
    A medical clearance shall be required for passengers who:
    1. Suffer from any disease which is believed to be actively contagious and communicable.
    2. Are incapable of caring for themselves without special assistance which is not normally extended to other passengers during flight because of their age, physical or mental condition.
    3. Because of certain diseases or incapacitation may have or develop an unusual behavior or physical condition, which could have an adverse effect on the welfare and comfort of other passengers and/or crew members, or who might have their medical condition aggravated during or because of the flight.
    4. Can be considered to be a potential hazard to the safety of the flight or the punctuality thereof (including the possibility of a diversion of the flight and unscheduled landing) or would require medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flight.
    5. Passengers who require POC for travel must show MEDIF approval obtained from the Ethiopian Medical Unit or an ET-designated medical facility abroad.
    6. Passengers in any one of the above categories shall be subject to prior clearance for air travel by Ethiopian medical unit & health services or Ethiopian designated physician, on the basis of information in respect of passenger physical and/or mental condition, obtained through a licensed physician familiar with the condition of the passenger.
    7. Ethiopian may refuse carriage of a passenger with medical clearance if the condition of the passenger has further deteriorated at the time of embarkation.
    8. Passengers with travel itineraries that includes airlines other than Ethiopian shall provide MEDIF required by participating carriers, unless passengers meet the requirements of all the participating carriers, Ethiopian can deny transportation of passengers
    9. Where clearance by Ethiopian Medical Unit & Health Services or Ethiopian designated physician or by all carrying airlines is required, Medical Information (MEDIF) shall be completed by the attending physician and approved by Ethiopian medical unit & health services or designated physician.
    10. Passengers shall bring medical information from the attending doctor within 7 days of the issue date to get the approval of Ethiopian Airlines medical doctor/designate. Approved MEDIF is valid for 72 hours (three days) and the date shall be written in the Gregorian calendar (GC).
    11. A passenger originating from ADD and requiring MEDIF for travel must bring a filled Medical Information Slip form from the Ethiopian Airlines Medical Unit in addition to the MEDIF.
    12. Duly completed MEDIF Forms should be forwarded to our Medical Unit & Health Services in Addis Ababa or designated/approved physician’s 48hrs prior to the date of flight to secure approval for acceptance.
    13. Ethiopian Airlines doctor’s or designated/approved physician’s decision regarding fitness of passenger / requirement of medical escort will be final.
    14. Passengers departing from Addis Ababa and where Medical clearance is required, the passenger shall physically attend physician at Ethiopian Airlines Medical Unit located at Ethiopian Airlines Head Quarters and secure medical clearance approved by Ethiopian designated Physician.
    15. Passengers who are not originating from Addis Ababa whereby Ethiopian has an appointed a designated physician, passengers shall communicate to Ethiopian Airlines Local office and will be guided to physically attend with designated physician and secure medical clearance using completed Medical Information Form (MEDIF) which shall be then sent to Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters Medical Unit for final approval.
    16. Passengers who are not originating from Addis Ababa and whereby Ethiopian has appointed a designated/approved physician, the passenger shall physically attend the physician and secure medical clearance approved by Ethiopian designated Physician.
    17. Any case which Ethiopian Airlines feels might jeopardize the safety or operation of the aircraft will not be accepted.
    18. Passengers are requested to carry all medications that they may require in-flight in their hand luggage. Passengers who have a medical condition are also requested to carry all details regarding their illness (including hospital discharge cards, treatment details, relevant medical history details, doctor's certificates, etc) as well as the recommended treatment in case of an anticipated emergency, in their hand luggage.
    19. It is not possible for cabin crew to refrigerate passenger medications, and if this is required, passengers should carry their own cool bag or vacuum flask
    20. Inform our reservation staff at the time of reservation that the passenger traveling is a medically ill passenger. The MEDIF Form has to be filled by the doctor treating the Passenger.
  • Please use the following link to download the MEDIF forms in one file:

    Forms for Passengers Requiring Special Assistance

Ethiopian can provide any of the following equipments or service if requested:

  1. Wheelchairs

    Ethiopian ensures that:
    • Sufficient wheelchairs are available for boarding/disembarking passengers.
    • The carriage of Wheelchair- C for cabin seat ( WCHC) case passengers is restricted on our international and domestic flights as follow in order to comply with the requirement of air safety:
      • Two individual WCHC case passengers will be carried in C-9 and five in Economy class.
      • Five WCHC case passengers in group will be carried in C-9 and eight in Economy class
    • Passengers traveling with their own wheelchair or assistive devices may carry the same in the passenger cabin, on request, subject to availability of space. Alternatively, the wheelchair or assistive devices should be loaded in the baggage hold where it is easily accessible for timely return to the passenger.
    • Passengers, who intend to check-in their own wheelchair, are given the option of using the airline/airport wheelchair. If the passenger wishes to use his own wheelchair at the airport he may be permitted to do so, up to the aircraft door. The wheelchair duly tagged, must then be sent for loading in the hold.
    • Narrow wheelchair-type devices without arm rests are available on some of or the aircrafts in the passenger cabin for assistance on-board.
  2. Stretchers

    • A request for a stretcher must be made in prior to 48 hr and shall be strictly subject to space availability.
    • Stretcher cases are acceptable only after clearance from the carrier medical department or designated physicians and confirmation of the quantity of oxygen to be carried will be determined by the Medical Officer.
    • Where Interline travel on other airlines is involved, advance arrangements with the carrier is necessary regarding confirmation on special meals, medicines, oxygen, ambulance and other requirements.
    • Stretcher passenger is accepted in Economy class only.
    • There must be qualified personnel accompanying stretcher passenger.
  3. Passenger Requiring Oxygen

    • Ethiopian will provide in flight oxygen service for passengers on all its flights with ant Extra charge
    • Passengers will be required to give 48 hour notice.
    • Passengers must present a written statement from his /her physician certifying the need for in-flight oxygen service ,the maximum usage per hour and the oxygen flow rate per minute
    • Passenger must be accompanied by an attendant who is knowledgeable as to the passenger’s needs and in the operation of the equipment .However, when authorized by Ethiopian medical services, a passenger requiring oxygen may travel alone.
  4. Lifting services
  5. Devices for supporting limbs

    Availability of equipment may be limited at certain airports. Please enquire your travel agent or the nearest Ethiopian ticket office.


These pages are for informative purposes only and do not form a contract. As such, any information contained within this site is subject to change with or without notice. Ethiopian Airlines assumes no liability for these changes. Ethiopian also reserves the right to interpret and apply these policies and procedures. In each case, Ethiopian’s interpretations and applications shall be final and conclusive.

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