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Extra Baggage

Free Baggage Allowance


The price of a ticket includes the transportation of a certain amount of baggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft. This allowance differs depending on the booking class and the destination.

General Information 
  • The maximum weight limit in a single bag is 32KG
  • The sum of three dimension (Length + Width + Height) must not exceed 158CM (62Inches)
  • If your travel starts in the United States and the first airline on your booking is not Ethiopian different rule may apply (Airline Operating the flight Website link)
  • Certain types of baggage, such as irregularly shaped (circular shapes, protruding edges, drum shapes, etc.) and poorly packed baggage (bags wrapped in blankets or tied using ropes, light cardboard boxes, paper bags and similar non-durable materials etc.) will not be accepted for check-in or taken on to aircraft unless they are placed in travel bags with the maximum sum of the three dimensions (length + width + height) of each bag not exceeding 158 cm (62 inches). A tag, name label, containing the passenger's name, full address and a telephone number must be added to and inside each item of checked-in baggage.

  • Acceptance of items which may cause damage to other baggage will be refused unless properly packed.


All 5th Freedom StaionsWill Take the Originating Stations Allowance
DOMESTIC-INCONJUCTION WITH INTERNATIONAL TICKETSWill take the International AllowanceWill take the International Allowance
General remark Infant Allowance
  • For Piece system 1PC-23 KG
  • For Weight system 1pc-10kg
  • On top of the above allowances, one baby stroller & baby car seat as long as the baby is onboard is permitted.

 Adult Allowance please Click here


Economy 1pc 7kg and business 2pc/7kg each. Hand luggage should not be treated as checked in baggage."

ShebaMiles Platinum, ShebaMiles/Star Alliance Gold, ShebaMiles Silver, and ShebaMiles Blue, the following additional baggage allowance shall be provided in addition to the normal allowance:



Frequent FlyersClass of travelAdditional piece allowedMaximum weight of each pieceMaximum Dimension (length + width + height) of each piece
ShebaMiles PlatinumBusiness or Economy223KG [50 pounds] *158cms(62inches)
ShebaMiles GoldBusiness or Economy132KG (70Pounds) *158cms(62inches)
Star Alliance Gold MembersBusiness or Economy1As per the booking class (depending on the operating airline allowance) 158cms(62inches)
ShebaMiles SilverBusiness or Economy123KG (50Pounds) *158cms(62inches)
ShebaMiles BlueBusiness or Economy5KG (The total maximum weight of one baggage shall not exceed 32KG including this additional allowance) **



*  Only applicable on Domestic and International flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines  

** Applicable only on Ethiopian Airlines International flights.




Frequent FlyersClass of travelAdditional Weight allowedMaximum Dimension (length + width + height) of each piece
ShebaMiles PlatinumBusiness or Economy 
ShebaMiles Gold/ Star Alliance GoldBusiness or Economy 
ShebaMiles SilverBusiness or Economy 
ShebaMiles BlueBusiness or Economy 



*  Only applicable on Domestic and International flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines  

** Applicable only on Ethiopian Airlines International flights.

Ethiopian Airlines A Star Alliance Member