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Extra Baggage

Delayed, Missed or damaged baggage

1. What should I do if my baggage is delayed?
Delayed, lost and damaged baggage should be reported to Ethiopian Airlines representative at the airport of your destination immediately after the arrival of your flight and before leaving the baggage claim area to secure a file reference number.

2. What is a PIR reference number?
Property Irregularity Report (PIR) reference number is a unique code which helps Ethiopian to trace the delayed, lost and damaged baggage. It has a combination of ten letters and numbers. Once you file a claim, you can follow your claim status by using your unique PIR number following this link: Click Here

3. What should I do if my baggage is damaged in transit?
Passengers should report any irregularities immediately before leaving the arrival hall on the date of travel to the carrier on which travel was made.

4. Do I have to collect delayed baggage from the airport?
You will be advised this information when you make your claim as the local law will apply for each specific airport.

5. How does Ethiopian find delayed baggage?
Every effort will be made to locate and restore your bag. The total allowed tracing period is 25 days from the date of incident. During this time the automated tracing system will match the profile created for your bag with similar type of bags that remain unclaimed at various other airports all around the world.
Find out the whereabouts of your baggage online
Once you file a claim you can follow your claim status following this link: Click Here

6. What do I do if my bags went missing on another airline’s flight?
If your baggage was lost on another airline’s flight , please contact the other airline directly for information.

Please click here to Create a Delayed Bag Report and/or Manage an Existing Report.
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