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Update on ticket rules to/from Tel Aviv
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Acceptance of Pregnant Woman
  • Normal pregnancy cases are acceptable up to 28 weeks both on domestic & international flights without a need
for medical clearance from attending doctor. But expectant mother should fill pregnancy certificate & present it
during check-in / boarding
Click here for the pregnancy certificate form to be filled by the expectant mother
  • Medical clearance using pregnancy certificate to be required after 28 weeks, which shall be filled by the attending doctor.
  • Travel permitted until 36 weeks for domestic & short flights with flight time not more than 2 hours
  • Travel permitted until 34 weeks for international flights more than 2 hours provided that passenger has medical approval. 
  • It should be discreetly suggested to expectant mothers to volunteer information about uncertainty of progress of
pregnancy, time of confinement, expected complication in delivery, or previous multiple births. If from such
information it appears that the expectant mother is in normal health and with no pregnancy complications, she
shall normally be accepted without ET medical clearance. However, Medical clearance from ET medical services is
required if from such information it appears that:
  • Confinement may be expected in less than four (4) weeks; or
  • There is uncertainty of progress of pregnancy or time of confinement, or that there were previous multiple
births, or that complications in delivery may be expected; such clearance should be issued within seven (7) days
prior to commencement of travel. 
General notes
  • Medical clearance (form to be filled by attending doctor) & approval not needed before 28 weeks.
  • Medical clearance by attending doctor is required after 28 weeks.
  • Travel permitted until 36 weeks and 34 weeks depending on flight length.
  • Medical clearance from ET medical services is required only for complicated and exceptional cases of pregnancies
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