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Ethiopian Airlines offers comfortable economy class seats with latest In Flight Entertainment.

Appropriate light snacks to full course hot meals are served on all flights, together with a wide selection of fine wines and alcoholic beverages.Every passenger enjoys Ethiopian hospitality and individual attention that makes his/her flight memorable.

Economy Class

Created especially for our youngest passengers to make them relax and be healthier through Ethiopian children meal. 


Ethiopian national dish is now prepared lasagna style! Enjoy the unique test of this distinctive cuisine found in Ethiopian routes on 602, 406, 416, 404, 414, 809, 500, 502, 510 ,710 and 722 flights.


Main cabin customers enjoy a complete range of complimentary drinks including soft drinks, beers and a choice of excellent red and white wines.


Fresh and varied meals of the highest quality made by proficient and experienced chefs. That's what we serve you on board main cabin. Enjoy!

Economy Class

Ethiopian Airlines offers comfortable Economy Class seats with latest In-Flight Entertainment.

Ethiopian will serve with high hospitality at individual attention to make your flight memorable.  You may enjoy the full course of our hot meals with a selection of wines, beers, and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages including light snacks.

Economy Class Meal Services

Fresh and variety of meal choices of the highest quality made by proficient and experienced chefs. That's what we serve on board in Economy class.  Enjoy!




Ethiopian National Dish

Enjoy the unique taste of distinctive Ethiopian national dish prepared and served in lasagna style.

national dish

Economy Class Drink Services

Economy class customers can also enjoy a complete range of complimentary soft drinks, beers, red and white wines including hot beverage.


soft drinks


Inflight Connectivity


Enjoy the choice of Internet connectivity package onboard B777, A350 and selected B787 aircrafts.



Onboard Duty-free Sales


Discover the latest products from our inflight duty free.


Traveling with children


We will make your travel with children as comfortable as possible. Choice of kid’s meal, movies and games are available on-board Ethiopian flights.



Ethiopian Airlines A Star Alliance Member