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Being the number one Aviation group in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines, is pleased to offer ShebaSkyConnect your onboard Wi-Fi connectivity during your flight. If your flight is on one of our A350, B777 and in most 787 aircraft, chances are high you have access to ShebaSkyConnect service.

Our Wi-Fi Packages

If you are our Platinum Sheba Miles member, you can get free 1 hour package

1 hour Pass

Deactivate automatic updates on your device for an optimized control of your consumption


2 hour Pass

Deactivate automatic updates on your device for an optimized control of your consumption

10 USD

Full flight pass

Deactivate automatic updates on your device for an optimized control of your consumption.

25 USD


Manage Your Booking

Purchasing Extra Baggage online allowed only on ET direct flights. If your flight includes connection flights with other airlines, Please pay at origin flight check in counter

Manage your Ethiopian Airlines Booking by providing your last name and the Six-Digit alphabet Code on the Booking reference field and Retrieve your Booking


Where to purchase these service

You can purchase from Ethiopian ticket offices, at check-in counter, at boarding gate, onboard from the cabin crew with cash, and using credit card for your own.



How to connect to the Wi-Fi

sheb sky connect settings logo
sheba sky connect airplane logo
sheba sky connect wifi
sheba sky connect global
  • Go to settings
  • Switch your device to Airplane mode
  • Turn your Wi-Fi on and select ETInternet
  • You will be redirected to our portal page

Download the terms and conditions of your ShebaSkyConnect service in your preferred language below.
Click to the FAQs related to your ShebaSkyConnect service.

1. Will my upcoming flight be Wi-Fi enabled?

All our A350 Aircrafts have Wi-Fi and most of our B777 and B787 are currently being equipped.

2. What if I can’t access the service on-board?

If you can’t access the service on-board due to technical problem and payed for it, you will be refunded.

3. How do I know if the Aircraft has W-FI available?

On aircrafts equipped with Wi-Fi, the cabin crew will make an announcement regarding the availability and type of Wi-Fi service we have at the beginning of the flight.

4. What do I need to access the service?

All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled handheld device.

5. Can I access the Wi-Fi service thought multiple devices?

The purchased Wi-Fi session can be used on only one device at a time.

6. Can I access internet anytime during my flight?

You can access Internet when flying over most countries in the world. Satellite coverage may experience outages for reasons such as government regulations, weather and switching between satellite regions. Coverage is not available in extreme Polar Regions.

7. What can I do to have the best experience using the in-flight Wi-Fi?

The inflight Wi-Fi hotspot uses a satellite-based connection and is optimized to reduce the amount of data transferred over the satellite link. To further optimize your Internet experience, we recommend turning off automatic updates, such as Microsoft Windows or iOS updates.

8. What should I do if I lose my connection while browsing?

In the event that there is a loss of connection simply re-launch your browser to continue Web browsing.

9. What payment options are available?

We accept visa, master card, American Express, Diners club, Discover card, JCB, China union pay, Maestro, PayPal.

10. What happens if the aircraft was changed?

In case the aircraft is changed due to operational requirements, passengers can still use the access code on other Ethiopian airlines flights that are enabled with Wi-Fi within the access code's validity period(1 year). Wi-Fi service delivery is not guaranteed for any unforeseen involuntary scenarios such as (but not limited to) equipment changes, flight disruptions, misconnections, bad weather, technical issues, flying next to/over polar Regions etc.

11. What do I need to use the Wi-Fi?

All you need is a wireless-enabled device. Supported wireless-enabled devices include most tablets, smartphones and games and entertainment devices e.g. most smartphones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tablet PC, Windows PC, Mac, etc. You will need to have an Internet browser already loaded on your device that you can use to access the Wi-Fi. If you're ready, you'll now need to buy a Wi-Fi pass.

12. Can I use more than one device?

You can use one device and carry over your allowance onto a different device; however, you cannot use both devices at the same time. In order to use another device, you will need to log out of one and then use the same email address to sign log in on the other device.

13. Is it safe to use Wi-Fi in-flight?

Thanks to the technical architecture onboard, you can now access Wi-Fi safely inflight with your Wi-Fi enabled devices. There may be times when the system is not available; if this happens please wait a few minutes and then try again. If the issue still persists then speak to a member of the crew. From time to time the Cabin Crew may have to turn off the Wi-Fi service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

14. Is the Wi-Fi secure?

To help make sure you receive as safe, reliable and robust service as possible, our Wi-Fi service encrypts your personal details at log-in. We also advise that you have up to date firewall and anti-virus software to guard against any potential attacks. All your credit card or other payment card information, as well any personal information that is sent by the system to the ground isencrypted using secure socket layer ('SSL') technology which is designed to prevent unauthorized persons from reading that information.

15. How do I buy a Wi-Fi pass?

When you're onboard a Wi-Fi enabled flight simply Make sure your device is in flight mode Turn on your device's, Wi-Fi is available from 10,000ft Search for available networks Click on Sebaskyconnect to connect to the onboard network Open your browser of choice (Safari, Samsung Internet, Firefox, Chrome etc.) The Wi-Fi home page will launch If it doesn't launch type Ethiopian into the address bar. Choose an available Wi-Fi pass Enter your email address then accept the Terms & Conditions Enter your payment details - your payment is secure You are now connected! Remember! You can track how much time you have left of your pass on the connectivity page if you accidentally lose the web browser window confirming your connection, type: Ethiopian into your address bar and the window will reappear.

16. Why does it say inflight Wi-Fi is "unavailable" or "offline"?

Occasionally there may be times when the system is unavailable, for example if there is bad weather. If this happens we suggest waiting a few minutes and trying again. If there is an outage/service interruption, a message will be displayed on the home page and you will be notified when the Wi-Fi is next available.

17. Who provides the Wi-Fi on this aircraft?

The service is provided by our Partners, Thales Avionics Inc, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Collins Aerospace, on behalf of Ethiopian Airlines. The system operates over a satellite link giving you instant access to messaging applications and/or social media & email using your own personal device whilst you are onboard this aircrafts.

18. Is there a download limit?

Usage is based on both the amount of time spent using Wi-Fi and the data transfer speed to and from your device that is consumed by your Internet use. These data usage estimates are outlined in the Pass Information and are related directly to the pass you have chosen. Pictures, audio files and app files can consume significant amounts of data. To you help make the most of your Wi-Fi pass, certain services are not recommended, including video streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo and application stores including AppStore and PlayMarket. Please be aware that apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Instagram etc. can use up your data allowance very quickly if you send/receive images and audio files.



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