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City Guide, Ndola

Ndola was founded in 1904, by John Edward "Chiripula" Stephenson just six months after Livingstone, making it the second oldest colonial-era town of Zambia. It was started as a boma and trading post, which laid its foundations as an administrative and trading center today.

Ndola is the third largest city in Zambia, with a population of 455,194 (2010 census provisional). It is the industrial and commercial center of the copperbelt , Zambia’s copper - minig region, and capital of Copperbelt Province. It is also the commercial capital city of Zambia and has one of the three international airports, others being Livingstone and Lusaka. It lies just 10 km from the border with Dr Congo.

Tourist attraction

The Slave Tree or Mukuyu Slave Tree around which Arab slave traders held slave markets in the nineteenth century (a mukuyu tree is a kind of fig tree). It has sadly fallen due to "termites".

Dag Hammarskjold Memorial ten kilometers along the Ndola/Kitwe road commemorates the site where the then United Nations Secretary-General died in a plane crash on September 18, 1961 during the Congo Crisis.

Lake Chilengwa 14 km E of Ndola at 12°58’ S 28°45’ E, was formed by the collapse of rock into an underlying limestone cavern, and has local cultural significance.

Culture and entertainment

Nidola has a very rich cultural heritage that includes dances, songs, stories, artifacts and crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation. With the help of Heritage Trails you are privileged to have the opportunity to witness some of these ceremonies. One of the main places of attraction in Ndola is the copper belt Museum. It is one of the main educational and recreational centers of Zambia. The site houses a beautiful botanical garden. You can watch many type of animals who reside in this park like lions, tigers, elephants, painted dogs and a lot more. Also you can visit the jungle gyms and playground.

Ndola also has a movie theatre, which is a bit of a surprise as well. Only featuring one screen, the movie theatre plays one movie in English, and won’t change movies for a few weeks. However, it’s a nice way to experience American culture in a whole new and exciting way.

Food and drink

The Savoy Hotel is located in the heart of Ndola’s city centre. While the quality would be comparable to an older Motel 6, the rooms are clean, the water pressure good and the beds comfortable. It is conveniently located across the street from Northrise University, Zambia’s newest christian university.

Ndola also has a fast food restaurant which is a surprise for an african city this size. It’s called the hungrey lion and serves as a cross between McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken... but with an African flair. Order Mirinda soft drink instead of the common Fanta for a delicious treat.


Ndola features a good sized grocery market and a variety of places to find souvenirs and other goods. Copper is the main commodity in this region so be prepared to find many items made from it. As well you can find the typical carved animals, jewelery, cloth paintings and wrap skirts which the the locals call "chitengi’s."

Ndola City Map

City Office
City: Lusaka
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City: Lusaka
Airport: Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Address: Main Terminal Building
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 32240 Lusaka, Zambia
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City: Lusaka
Airport: Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
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