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City Guide, Kuwait

The name Kuwait is derived from the Arabic, meaning "fortress built near water". Kuwait has slowly established itself as one of the most sought after tourist destinations among the globe trotters from all around the world.

Tourist attraction

Liberation Tower represents the Kuwaiti liberation from the Iraqi invasion. It is the tallest tower in the world. The mosques and cathedrals are some famous places of sightseeing at Kuwait. The decoration of these mosques and churches display a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture.

The Museums of Kuwait are places worth visiting The valuable stories and the precious antique pieces enrich the collections of the Museums in Kuwait. Saif Marzooq Al-Shamlan Museum is one of the popular Museums while Tareq Rajab Museum being one of the most attractive Museums in Kuwait.

Culture and entertainment

When you peek into the culture in Kuwait, you will find that there is an amalgamation of the old and the new, conservativeness and modernism, tradition and creativeness. Culture in Kuwait has come a long way and has a rich history to tell.

Food and drink

The Food delights you can get in Kuwait are generally as splendid and varied as the of Kuwait’s people. Eating in Kuwait is an exhilarating and rich experience. Food in Kuwait has many styles together with thousands of fantastic places to eat in all the key urban centers and towns of Kuwait. Moreover, food in Kuwait City and other Kuwaiti tourism resorts are not restricted to traditional Kuwaiti delights.


Kuwait is a modern country with everything from glitzy shopping malls to old "souks" and Friday markets where culture and tradition abound. Many stores have negotiable prices or discounts and bargaining is the name of the game.

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