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City Guide, Harare

Known as 'the sunshine city', Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and a gateway to the country's many attractions, including Victoria Falls and Kariba. Harare is an independent city equivalent to a province. It is Zimbabwe's largest city and its administrative, commercial, and communications centre. The city is a trade centre for tobacco, maize, cotton, and citrus fruits. Manufactures include textiles, steel,, and chemicals, and gold is mined in the area.

Tourist attraction

There are several Tourist Attractions in Harare. Harare is the largest city as well as the capital of Zimbabwe. Following are some of the popular Harare Tourist AttractionsNational Herbarium and Botanic Gardens, Harare: The city has large open spaces such as the 68 hectare National Botanic Garden which is one of the biggest Harare Attractions. Mukuvisi Woodlands : Remarkably preserved natural woodland can be seen here. The spectacular wild life here includes a wide variety of birds and wild animals like zebra, giraffe, impala, wildebeest, tsessche, bush buck, steenbuck, reed buck and eland.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare : is one of the prime stops for Sightseeing in Harare. The gallery exhibits a valuable and interesting national collection

Culture and entertainment

Harare's cultural and historical heritage and beautifully preserved in its old buildings and architectural edifices. The Mining Pension Fund Building at Central Avenue and Second Street is a must see in Harare. Many more of its old charms can be found along Robert Mugabe Road between Second Street and Julius Nyerere Way. There are also some wonderful galleries and museums in and around Harare showcasing local culture and heritage, some of the most popular being the National Gallery, the Dendera Gallery and the Queen Victoria Museum. Not far out of town, the Ruwa Sculpture Gallery is also worth a visit.

Food and drink

Harare cuisines follow standard Zimbabwean cooking practices. Harare restaurants serve both Zimbabwean and international delicacies. Sadza, Game meat and Nhedzi soup are some of the recommended Zimbabwean dishes. Eating out is popular and comparatively cheap. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Imported wines, spirits and liqueurs are available in hotels.


Shopping in Harare is quite economic and at the same time very interesting. Shopping in Harare can be done from the various upscale shopping centers or numerous markets which are scattered around the city. Some of the main shopping centers of this place are as follows:

Mbare Musika: This market is one of the busiest markets of the city and is an integral part of Shopping in Harare.Eastgate Centre: This is the most important shopping centre of the city and is located at the heart of the city, near the main administrative centre. Harare is also famous for its sculptures. The best known sculptors of Zimbabwe came mainly from the Tengenenge Art Community, which is very well known for its creative works. There are many shops in Mbare Musikan and in other local markets which sell this kind of sculptures and are very popular among the tourists. Some of the sculptures are cheap while some are quite expensive.

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