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When : November 24 ,2023

Where: Around the World

Black Friday Extravaganza: Your Passport to Savings!

Get ready for an event like no other! This Black Friday, our doors are wide open to a world of incredible discounts and exclusive offers. The excitement is palpable as we invite you to join us on this journey of savings and exploration.

🎁 Discover Unmatched Discounts: Brace yourself for discounts that redefine travel. From discounted airfares to special travel packages, we're rolling out the red carpet of savings just for you.

💼 Your Dream Destinations Await: With our Black Friday discounts, these dreams are just a booking away. Let your wanderlust guide you to the destinations you've been yearning to discover.

🌐 Exclusive Online Offers: Our exclusive online offers make booking your dream getaway a breeze. Stay tuned to our website for real-time updates and a seamless booking experience.

🚀 Countdown to Adventure: Mark your calendar, set your alarms, and be the first to secure these incredible Black Friday deals. Limited time, unlimited possibilities—get ready to soar!

👉 Stay Connected: Follow us on social media for sneak peeks, travel tips, and live updates.


Seize the Savings: Making the Most of Black Friday Deals!

As you navigate through our Black Friday Extravaganza, it's essential to maximize your savings and ensure a smooth booking experience. Here are a few tips to make the most of our exclusive Black Friday discounts:

🧳 Plan Ahead: Know your travel preferences and dates in advance. Planning ahead allows you to snag the best deals for your desired destinations and accommodations.

🤳 Turn on Notifications: Enable notifications on our website and social media channels. Be the first to know about flash sales, additional discounts, and exclusive offers.

🔄 Flexibility is Key: Stay open to flexible travel dates and destinations. Our Black Friday discounts may vary, so having flexibility enhances your chances of securing the best deal.

💳 Explore Payment Options: Take advantage of our diverse payment options. Some discounts may be tied to specific payment methods, so explore the options that work best for you.

🎫 Stay Informed: Regularly check our Black Friday hub for updates, FAQs, and any last-minute additions. Stay informed to avoid missing out on new opportunities.

This Black Friday, embark on a journey of savings and seamless travel planning with Ethiopian Airlines. Let the adventure begin! ✨🌍✈️


Your Black Friday Checklist: Navigating the Savings Expedition!
As you gear up for our Black Friday Extravaganza, equip yourself with a checklist to navigate the savings expedition effectively. Here's your guide to ensuring a successful Black Friday adventure:

🔍 Research Destinations: Explore the diverse destinations covered by our Black Friday deals. Whether you're drawn to cultural hubs or serene landscapes, knowing your preferred destinations enhances your decision-making process.

🔔 Set Alarms: Timing is crucial! Set alarms for key Black Friday moments, including the start of the event and any flash sales. Being prompt ensures you're at the forefront of the savings bonanza.

💻 Test Booking Process: Familiarize yourself with our booking process beforehand. Testing the system ensures a swift and smooth experience when the discounts go live.

🌐 Follow, Share, Engage: Stay connected on social media for real-time updates. Share your excitement, engage with fellow travelers, and keep an eye out for any interactive elements during the event.

👀 Check Terms & Conditions: Be aware of the terms and conditions for each offer. Understanding the details avoids any last-minute surprises and ensures a seamless booking experience.

Armed with this checklist, you're ready to dive into our Black Friday Extravaganza confidently. Get ready to secure your savings and embark on a journey of a lifetime! 🚀🌟

Plan Your Trip Now!

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Plan Your Trip Now!

Get Ready for Your Trip! Start Planning by Clicking Here!!