MySheba Neighbour Free Seat, enjoy extra comfort

Block the seat(s) next to you :
Important notice
We’ll maintain your selected seat. However, due to operational reasons we may need to change your seat choice before departure or on the flight
  If you have already paid for your seat selection, we will refund you in line with our Terms and Conditions

What is MySheba Neighbour Free Seat?

Get the most comfortable seat in Economy: MyShebaSpace. You can now guarantee that no one sits next to you on your flight. Reserve one or more empty seats beside you now, and look 
forward to your journey.

   ● More comfort

   ● Extra personal space

   ● Room to stretch out, lay-down, or anything in between

How it works:

  1. Check if your flight is eligible. 
      My Sheba Space is available for purchase 72-2 Hours prior to departure.
  2. Select your seat and the seat(s) you’d like to block
  3. Enter your payment information
  4. Confirmation of your reserved seats will be sent via email
      Please be prepared to show this email at the time of travel.
  5. Enjoy the extra space and comfort!

Frequently asked questions:

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