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Update on ticket rules to/from Tel Aviv
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Customer Service Plan

  • All customers who want to deplane from a flight delayed on Tarmac and make alternative travel arrangements consistent with airline ticketing policies may do so ,when it is determined to be safe and secure;
    • After the aircraft has been moved in to position for deplaning
    • All operational requirements for deplaning have been completed
    • And the pilot- in- command has allowed customer deplaning to begin.
  • Passengers will be allowed to keep their boarding pass with them to re-board when permissible. 
  • Customers who choose to deplane and make alternative travel arrangements, consistent with airline ticketing policies, may be advised that in most cases their checked baggage will remain on the aircraft to the flight’s final destination. In cases where the flight returns to the gate and cancelled, customers will be able to retrieve their checked luggage at the airport’s baggage claim facilities. 
  • Depending up on the circumstances of the delay, Ethiopian will provide adequate food and drinks including potable water.

Ethiopian Airlines Tarmac Delays Contingency Plan

In accordance with Department of Transportation “Enhanced protection for airlines passenger regulations (14 CFR Part 259)” Ethiopian Airlines is committed to providing convenient and hassle free service on every flight it operates.

Ethiopian’s contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays here after refereed as “Ethiopian’s Contingency Plan” or “Contingency Plan” describes what Ethiopian will implement during lengthy tarmac delay in accordance with U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) regulations. Ethiopian makes its plan available at the carrier’s website, www.ethiopianairlines.com.

Ethiopian’s goal is to make every flight a safe and pleasant experience for its customers. Ethiopian’s plan will be activated during times when customers on Ethiopian flights are experiencing irregular operations involving a lengthy tarmac delay. In most cases the cause of lengthy tarmac delays are outside of Ethiopian’s reasonable control (e.g. weather events, inefficiencies of the day’s air traffic control (ATC) systems, government operating restrictions, and airport construction projects). There are also times when anticipated flight delays may occur due to airline operations. Ethiopian adopts the following Contingency Plan, in order to be able to manage the situation in an orderly manner.

Contingency plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays

  1. Ethiopian flights covered by this plan are those flights that depart from or arrive at a U.S. airport. Ethiopian will not permit the aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than four hours without deplaning the passengers unless:
    1. The Pilot-in-command determines there is a safety related or security related reason why the aircraft can not leave its position on the tarmac to deplane passengers, or 
    2. Air traffic control advises the Pilot-in-command that returning to the gate or another disembarkation point elsewhere in order to deplane the passengers would significantly disrupt airport operations.
  2. For all flights covered by this plan, Ethiopian will provide adequate food and potable water no later than two hours after the aircraft leaves the gate (in the case of departure delay) or touches down ( in the case of arrival delay) if the aircraft remains on the tarmac.
  3. For all flights covered by this plan, Ethiopian will provide operable lavatory facilities as well as adequate medical attention if needed while the aircraft remains on the tarmac.
  4. Ethiopian will provide passengers with notifications of the status of delays to passengers every 30 minutes during a delay, including the reasons for delay if known.
  5. Ethiopian will notify passengers that they may deplane from an aircraft at the gate or another disembarkation area if the opportunity to deplane actually exists. 
  6. Ethiopian ensures adequate resources available to implement this contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays when necessary. Ethiopian will coordinate with Airport authorities, including terminal facility operators (where applicable), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and parties serving Ethiopian, including diversion airports.
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