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Ethiopian Airlines Airplane arrival on Addis AbabaBole international airport

Arrival Services


Passengers traveling to Ethiopia on an Ethiopian Airlines flight can expect a warm welcome upon arrival. Customer Service Agents will be available to guide them through the Passport Control and Baggage Claim area. If you're a connecting passenger, the agents will guide you through the transit exit.

Please keep in mind that nationals of countries allowed visas on arrival will need to check with the Airport Immigration Office before entering Ethiopia, while everyone else must have their entry visas and pass through the Passport Control Counters.

You can apply for an e-visa to Ethiopia by visiting, and passengers with a confirmation email and a one-page E-visa issued are permitted to enter Ethiopia. However, incomplete E-visa documentation or arriving with proof of payment only will not be allowed.

For a list of countries whose nationals are allowed visa on arrival, click here.

Once you collect your baggage, you may head over to the Duty-Free Shops and check out the various options available there. Additionally, some banks and booths offer local mobile lines

If you have any baggage related issues, the Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service Desk and Office is available 24/7 at the Baggage Area.   

Be prepared to have your baggage and handbag pass through the Baggage X-ray machine at Ethiopian Customs, which has Green and Red Channels.

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