Upgrade to cloud nine

Upgrade to Cloud Nine

Enter booking reference and last name to check if you are eligible for upgrade to Cloud Nine.

Please be aware that offers made on group bookings apply to all passengers in the booking. If you wish to make an offer only for specific passengers, please contact our customer service to divide your booking so that you can submit an offer accordingly

Take a chance to upgrade yourself to Business Class (Cloud Nine)

Have you booked on Ethiopian flight and would like to enjoy the benefits of Cloud Nine (Business Class)? Then experience a very special upgrade option available.

Are you ready? Your flight itinerary may be eligible for an upgrade. Check to see if you are eligible.

Relax in our state-of-the-art seats, enjoy courses that are designed to stimulate and satisfy your appetite and have access to our Cloud Nine Lounge for those traveling from Addis Ababa Airport. We look forward to seeing you onboard on one of Ethiopian flights!

Notice:Be fast because there may be another passenger upgrading his/her status!

How does Upgrade to Cloud Nine work?


Your offer is the amount that you are willing to pay in addition to original ticket cost to upgrade the cloudNine Business class.



Your card will not be billed until your bid is accepted


The higher the offer, the greater the chances of successful bid.

Your Booking Reference

Your Ethiopian booking reference is a 6-character. Based on where you booked your ticket, the booking reference you have may appear differently.

If you find a difficulty finding your Ethiopian booking reference, kindly send your ticket number to WebSupport@ethiopianairlines.com to check the eligibility and send you an offer link to for an upgrade.

You have finally submitted your offer and a confirmation have been sent to your preferred email address. Do you want to increase your chances of getting upgrades?

Questions?  Click here to see the FAQs.



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