Interline and Partner Baggage Policy

Restricted Items

Dec 27, 2023, 06:17 AM
Title : Restricted Items
Order : 1
  1. What are the safety concerns for cabin baggage?

Passengers are not allowed to carry the following items in their hand baggage for passengers’ safety and security reasons. To minimize inconvenience, you are advised to check in or put these items in your checked baggage instead:

Please note that these items will be retrieved at the boarding gate by the local authorities and depending on local rules and regulations, the items may not be returned to you.

  1. What are the rules and charges for travelling with animals?

Ethiopian shall accept only Dog or Cat into the cabin with limited number per compartment (2 in economy class and 1 in business class) with a box measuring dimensions not more than 55x40x20cms and does not exceed 8kgs including transport container, otherwise it should be loaded in belly.

  1. Is baggage transferred when I’m on connecting Ethiopian airlines flights?

Yes, Ethiopian receives connecting passenger’s baggage from other airlines. If luggage of connecting passenger is not submitted by the delivering carrier such connecting passenger should be informed using a slip prepared for this purpose that their luggage is not delivered to Ethiopian and hence not to expect at final destination.

  1. Can I carry firearms, weapons, and ammunition in my baggage?

Ammunition, firearms, sharp knives and/or other security-restricted items belonging to passengers shall not be carried inside cabin and/or flight deck (cockpit), and passengers must declare such items at the time of check-in. All ammunition shall be carried in the aircraft hold as checked baggage only and with approval of concerned Security Authorities.

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