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Upgrade Your Economy Class Experience

Choose where you want to sit before you fly. Whether it’s a seat on the premium row, extra legroom, aisle or a window view, you can book your favourite spot.

Download the terms and conditions of your Preferred Seat in your preferred language below.
Click here to see the FAQ's related to your Preferred Seat.

If you're travelling in Business Class (cloud 9) or economy class and choose standard seat you don’t have to pay for seat selection. But if your selection is a preferred seat such as; Premium seat at front row and bulkhead seats or exit row with extra legroom, you will pay a little extra. You can view the cost of seat through Manage a Booking. Anyone who chooses exit row seat must meet the criteria for Exit row seat assignment criteria.

Yes, it is available except on Ethiopian domestic routes.

You can purchase preferred seat on Ethiopian website, Ethiopian mobile app at airport, Global contact centre and all Ethiopian ticket offices.

You can contact any of Ethiopian airlines local offices or our global contact centre or send Emailto our customer service desk

You can pay using credit/debit cards, in cash, or bank transfer/wire.

Yes, if you have already paid for your ticket.

yes, you can purchase.

Preferred seats are non-refundable except for involuntary changes occurred due to operational reasons.

Customers are not eligible for seat selection refunds when;

  • Voluntary or involuntary upgrading to c-9
  • Selecting a lower value seat after purchasing a higher value seat
  • And when other voluntary changes like Itinerary and routing changes

Please note that the refunds will include the total amount paid for preferred seat selection minus the non-refundable taxes, if any applicable

In case of involuntary changes to your seat due to operational, safety or security reasons, you are eligible for a refund only in the following cases:

  • Premium seat re-seated on a Regular or Exit Row with extra legroom
  • Exit Row with extra legroom re-seated on a Regular or Preferred seat that’s not the exit row nor premium seat.

Refund requests can only be submitted after flight departs

Preferred seat value is non-refundable in such cases.

Yes, as long as your flights are on fully Ethiopian operated sectors as purchase of preferred seats is only permitted on flights that are operated by Ethiopian airlines with an Ethiopian airlines flight number.

Yes, you can change your seat reservation if you haven’t already paid for it. And preferred seat reservation will be cancelled after 24hrs of booking if payment is not effected until then.

Passenger travelling with an infant are able to select a bassinet seat with charge on a first come, first–served basis.

Extra legroom seats are exit row seats with leg space available while Premium seats are economy front row seats (this may vary depending on the aircraft types).

No refund will be applicable for changes(upgrade) to another higher value seat(cabin).

Yes, you can select and pay for a seat on each flight leg of your journey.

No, all passenger will pay for preferred seat selection, however, Ethiopian Sheba miles members may enjoy different seat selection benefits depending on their tier level if the preferred seats are available after boarding.

Infant under 2years of age will have a baby bassinet fixed at the bulkhead seat both at the front and at the back up on request and these seats are available with charge. Children and unaccompanied minors will also be charged if the above seats are chosen. But Exit rows will not be allocated for passenger with Infants, Children and unaccompanied minors.

You can choose your preferred seat online by checking the availability and if your group booking is done at our offices, we make every effort to seat passengers in the same booking together depending on availability. If you’d like to ensure you are seated together, you can select seats in advance.

Seat selection charges for passengers travelling in Economy Class are only applicable to flights operated by Ethiopians. If you’re travelling on a flight with one of our codeshare partner airlines, please check with the partner airlines.

Other charges will apply depending on the special assistance requested and policies and conditions of special assistance shall apply.

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