What is the IATA Travel Pass App?

We’re currently in the trial period for the app, so the invitation to download it will only be sent to customers on selected Emirates flights.

What is the IATA Travel Pass App?

Ethiopian Airlines has partnered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to make it easier for you to keep track of the latest COVID 19 related travel regulations and have all your testing or vaccination information on hand while you travel.

Who can I contact for assistance on the IATA Travel Pass App?

You can send an email to ITServiceDesk@ethiopianairlines.com OR MktgSysSupport@ethiopianairlines.com OR IATATravelPassCustomerSupport@ethiopianairlines.com with your inquiries.

How do I register on the IATA Travel Pass App?

You can watch video 1 (Opens in a new window) and video 2 (Opens in a new window) to learn more about the IATA Travel Pass App.

Where can I find the IATA Travel Pass App?

You can download the app from the iOS App Store if you have iPhone 7 or above with iOS version 13.3 or above and use Activation code 821124. OR You can download the app from the Android Play Store  if you have Android 6.0 or above use the Access Code 787350

Are there labs that currently use the IATA Travel Pass App and can I get my COVID-19 PCR test there?

The PCR test need to be processed at one of the IATA partner laboratories as follows IATA Partner Labs Contact Details:

Passengers departing from ADDIS ABABA

 a. Wudassie Lab:

            1.Alembirihan Hailu:Mobile +251941565656

            2.Dr. Bereket Hailu:Mobile +251943303030

            3.Naboni Girata:Mobile +251964766776

            4.Nahom : Mobile +251929134880

            5.Dawit : Mobile +251940303030

            6.Bethelhem:Mobile +251905055031

            7.Dr. Yonhatan:Mobile +251902606060

            8. Additional Mobile +251904101010


        b. Washington Medical Center


        1.Mrs Meron Kiflemariam, Email: csm@wmcethiopia, Mobile: +251911229243

        2.Mrs. Tigist Guade, Email: Tigist.Guade@wmcethiopia.com, Mobile: +251960109297


        3.Dr. Mihret Yirgalem: Email: Mihret.Yirgalem@wmcethiopia.com, Mobile: +251960104777


c. International Clinical Laboratories


       IT Director, Kehulum Belay

Email: kehulum@icladdis.com

Mobile: +251912373522

Customer/Client service Executive Director Dr. Hanan

Email: hanan@icladdis.com

Mobile +251911345105


d. Bethzatha Hospital

       Ashebir Gebre (MSc, MPH)

Tel (Mobile): +251-911391164

Email: ashebir_12@yahoo.com

Passenger departing from CANADA

 a. Toronto Lab:

                      Elna Medical Lab.

                      Name:  Margaux Chetrit

                      Email: mchetrit@elnamedical.com

                      Phone # (514) 341-1777


        Switch Health lab.



Passenger departing from UK

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