Ethiopian will apply its own Denied Boarding Compensation scheme on all International flights on the basis of distance flown. However compensation given in MCO will be refunded at a 50% discounted price in cash.

Children between 2 and12 years of age are entitled to 50 % of the above Denied Boarding Compensation Scheme.

EU regulation shall apply for flights departing from Europe. 

Dot rules apply for flights originating from USA.

  • Passengers who have been re-protected on other means shall not be paid with DBC if the delay at point of arrival does not exceed four hours when compared to the original schedule.
  • Carriage is denied for reasons beyond the control of ET he/she is not checked in before or at the latest check in time.
  • The behavior, health condition or immigration status of the passenger as such entitles ET to refuse the passenger.
  • He/she has refused to comply with the lawful instructions of ET
  • He/she has refused to undergo security check
  • Holding ID(Airline staff ticket) ticket or reduced rate ticket.
  • Holding a ticket blacklisted as lost, stolen, fraudulent or otherwise suspicious.

Denied Boarding Compensation (DBC) will be paid to a passenger who: 

  • Has a valid ticket purchased from ET or an agent of ET irrespective of whether the ticket is a document of ET or any other carrier having Interline Agreement with ET.
  • Holds a confirmed and valid booking on that particular ET flight.
  • Has presented himself/herself for check-in for the particular ET flight at the time and place specified by ET (before counter/check-in activity for the particular flight is closed) within the latest check in time or within the stations minimum connecting time (MCT) for connecting passengers and is in possession of the necessary travel documents.
  • You will be re-routed to your final destination at the earliest opportunity or protected on the next Ethiopian flight.
  • The cost of the ticket will be reimbursed without penalty for the part of the journey not made on Ethiopian.
  • Telephone call, refreshment, meal and accommodation will be offered as per the table above.

Volunteer – means a person who has a valid ticket, a confirmed reservation and presented himself/herself for check-in within the required time limit and who responds positively to a call for passengers to surrender their confirmed reservation in exchange for compensation.

Overbooked Flight means a flight where the number of passengers holding confirmed reservation and presented themselves for check-in within the required time limit exceeds the number of available seats on that flight/compartment.

Denied Boarding means refusal to accommodate passengers on a flight although they have valid ticket, a confirmed reservation on that flight and presented themselves for check-in within the required time limit due to an overbooking.

This program will not be availed for passengers if:

  • Passenger did not show up at the airport for check-in (no-show passengers), regardless of there reservation status will not be entitled for this program.
  • Early departure.
  • Delayed flights on domestic services.
  • Delayed flights beyond Ethiopian Airlines control such as:
    • Adverse weather conditions
    • Political turmoil at point of the passenger’s origin or destination
    • Safety or Security concerns
    • Industrial disputes
    • Labor and other strikes
    • ATC or/and other airport operational problems beyond ET’s control.

All paying passengers who have checked-in and already accepted for travel on a delayed flight are entitled for the compensation program regardless of their original reservation status and the following will be offered:

  • Snacks and telephone calls will be offered depending on the delayed time.
  • Meal will be offered during normal meal hours.
  • Hotel accommodation may not be extended to local joining resident passengers. However, assistance may be given, if needed, in transportation.

Protection plan shall be made immediately for passengers with connecting flights beyond to their final destination.

Unaccompanied minor shall be rerouted as quickly as possible even on ET flights that are overbooked.

Passenger should not be rerouted via countries for which he/she holds no proper travel documents such as (transit) visa.

Passengers shall be protected to fly to their destinations by the fastest means available.

Delayed flight is any scheduled passenger flight departing or arriving behind its original schedule because of mechanical, operational or other reasons. A delay, cancellation or disruption is beyond Ethiopian Airlines control when it is caused by circumstances such as weather, strike, sudden airport closure or political situation.

  • Schedule change, delay or cancellation, will be advised to all passengers preferably before they departed from home or hotel. If already at the airport they will be advised at the time of check-in or at the gate with apology. Please take care to provide us with accurate contact information.
  • If the delay is extended and accurate information cannot be obtained (due to the nature & cause of the delay), the airline agent will take passengers’ contact and keep them informed about the developments. The information advice could be supported by technology like SMS, updating the information on the web site, etc…
  • Real-time flight information is also available by calling our central reservation office on +251 11 665 6666.
  • For All departing and transit passengers Ethiopian Airlines will send a message free of charge to one of their relatives at the point of stopover or destination.(Please refer delayed/ cancelled flight compensation table)
  • Passengers shall be updated on the situation every 15 minutes staring from 30 minutes before scheduled time of departure.
  • Refreshment shall be given for a delay more than 2 hours. If however, the time of departure is close to breakfast, lunch or dinner time, the service shall be the appropriate meal.

All paying passengers who have checked-in and already accepted for travel on a delayed flight are entitled for the compensation program regardless of their original reservation status and the following will be offered

Yes , Ethiopian accept Mobile payment from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Yes, Ethiopian accept local debit card from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, Togo, Niger, Benin, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mali and Burkina Faso

For security reasons, the holder of the credit card may be contacted by email to verify the credit card used at the airport or at nearby Ethiopian ticket office for in person verification. 

Yes, except passengers originating from Sudan all passengers are allowed to make online payment. Passengers originating from Sudan are required to purchase their ticket at the nearest Ethiopian city ticket office after completing their booking online.

When you purchase your ticket online, your booking is confirmed at the time of purchase and you will receive a confirmation on your screen and also by email indicating that your transaction was successful.

You cannot lose an e-ticket as it is electronically generated and stored in our reservation system.

While booking online, you will be provided with a link to 'Fare Rules'. Please ensure you read the rules in detail and contact Ethiopian airlines offices for any clarifications.

Online customers, who break their journey for more than 72 hours, need to reconfirm their flight by contacting the nearest Ethiopian Airlines office. This can be done either by using telephone or by directly contacting the nearest Ethiopian office in person.

In the case of expense account reporting, you can use your boarding card stub, which was issued at check-in and/or the Ethiopian airlines issued Electronic ticket itinerary/receipt.

Yes. We offer selected special requests which can be selected from a pre-defined dropdown on the booking page.

Currently, we cannot accept any credits or vouchers for online purchases.

You can choose seat type at the time of booking on “Seat selection Page” or during online check-in.

Yes, you can book online for anyone provided you will be one of the travelers and use your valid credit card and provide correct passenger details while booking. 

Payment with a credit card for another person is alternatively possible if you choose ‘Pay at Agency’ option to make a booking online and contact the nearest Ethiopian Airlines office to complete the payment using your card.

You can book a flight up to 10 months in advance provided the applicable fares are available.

Yes, you can select "Pay at agency" option to book your reservation online and pay in cash at Ethiopian airlines office.

For passengers selecting hold reservation and pay latter option the below ticket time table is applicable:-

If Departure time is

Booking will be cancelled after
Less than 48 hours 12 hours
Between 48 and 72 hours 24 hours
Between 72 hours and 3 month 48 hours
Above 3 month 3days

Yes, you can hold your reservation and pay later with credit card at our call center or at any local Ethiopian ticket office.

Before finalizing the booking or making payment, you can modify your cities, travel dates & times along with your connection preference.

You can book one-way ,return trips or multiple cities in Economy and Business class. Bookings can be made only for adults, children and infants.

To obtain only our flight schedules, select "Flight Schedules" at the home page, insert the sector and date of travel and click on the "Find Schedule" Button.

To enter the airport and for check-in, you must present the itinerary receipt along with valid photo identification: Passport (for international passengers).

E-tickets will be issued for all bookings made online at

On a successful purchase the system will generate an Electronic Ticket and a printable itinerary receipt will be displayed. The itinerary receipt is your confirmation of travel. You will also receive an email with the status of your booking. You can print the confirmation shown on your screen or print the email.

Then all you have to do is walk in to the airport and check-in with valid photo identification and printed itinerary receipt. Your boarding pass will be issued against the itinerary receipt.

Ethiopian airlines is committed to the safety and security of the online transactions. Customer's credit card is as safe as possible when booked

Information exchanged with us online is treated securely and protected by using the internationally accepted and industry standard powerful encryption technology (secure socket layer, SSL). This software encrypts customer's personal data as it is sent between the browser and our systems.

The web booking engine is directly connected to Sabre Reservation System & payment gateway(s) for credit card processing.

Debit card is also accepted if it is branded with Master, visa and American express 

Note: Local debit cards are acceptable from few African countries.

Payment for online booking can be made through credit card/debit card,mobile or in cash at Ethiopian airlines offices.Ethiopian accepts VISA,MASTER,AMERICAN EXPRESS & DINERS CLUB credit cards.

Please note: The credit card used to pay for tickets is required at check-in or during refund processing.

Once you have confirmed your booking online, we will immediately debit your credit. This applies even if you decide to change your travel plans right after. Please contact the nearest Ethiopian office should you like to rearrange your travel plans or would like to seek a refund. Please note that refund and/or cancellation charges may apply according to applicable fare conditions.

All revenue tickets booked online will earn miles. Please ensure that the frequent flier number is provided in the form while booking.

Yes, you will see a confirmation page after making a successful booking. If you do not see one, please contact us at

Currently, we can only handle new bookings made directly online. If you already have a ticket, please contact your travel agent or Ethiopian airlines ticket/reservations office to confirm your travel dates.

You can book a maximum of 9 seats at a time (adults and children included).

The facility to waitlist bookings is not currently available while booking online However, you can contact our reservations office, and we will be glad to help you.

If you meet the date, time and eligibility criteria, you can book the advance purchase fares online.

Currently you can book only Ethiopian airlines flights.

You can make booking for up to three infants (ages 0-23 months) without seat. However, each infant must be accompanied by an adult passenger.

Yes, you can request for your Electronic tickets regardless if you have baggage to check or not.

Currently, online booking service is available for all Ethiopian destinations. 

Please contact for your travel plan on destinations which are not available online.

Although you do not receive a conventional paper ticket, you will receive an itinerary/receipt confirming your booking on your screen. This itinerary/receipt will also be sent to you by email either of which can be printer and used to enter the airport and also for check-in.

E-Ticket is a convenient, fast and safe option to the regular physical paper ticket.

Now no more worries about losing or having the ticket stolen. You can book a confirmed ticket on up to 48 hours prior to departure.

It's convenient: you can buy and print your Electronic Ticket online in your home / office. 

It's safe: the Electronic Ticket cannot be lost or stolen.

It's fast: you no longer have to collect the ticket from our office or rush to the airport to meet ticketing deadlines.

Electronic Ticket is ticket less travel service. It is a way of issuing air tickets electronically which eliminates traditional paper tickets and creates an electronically held record (ticket) of the transaction. This electronic image of the ticket is stored in the Ethiopian Airlines reservation system.

Ethiopian airlines web sales engine allows booking one way and return in 5 simple steps with features such as interactive calendar, low fare option, flexible schedule options etc.

The reservation has to be made online at at least 48 hours before departure.

You will need to pay online through your credit card or can pay in cash at Ethiopian ticket offices.

On purchase, the system will generate your itinerary receipt which is confirmation for your confirmed reservation and e-ticket issuance and display the same on the screen. On it, you will find the key information about your reservation and flights. You will need to print the page and produce it along with valid photo identification in order to enter the airport and for check-in.

Also, an email will be sent to the passengers email address which can also be printed and used to enter the airport and for check-in.

Go directly to the check-in counter. Your boarding pass will be issued against this itinerary receipt and the valid identification

Simply log on to and the online booking feature is available on the home page.

ShebaMiles is the Frequent Flyer Program of Ethiopian Airlines. ShebaMiles Program Members can earn miles through flying on Ethiopian Airlines, ASKY Airlines, Malawian Airlines and Star Alliance Partner airlines and using the services of Non-Airline Partners. Once enough miles are accumulated, they can be redeemed for Award Tickets and Class Upgrades on Ethiopian Airlines and its partners.

To join the Program click here

Please read the Program Terms and Conditions here

You shall fill the form by filling your Last name (Grand Father's Name/Surname) and First Name (Your Name) + Middle Name (Your Father's Name) must be written exactly as it appears on your passport. You need to complete and submit the online application form by clicking here

Any person aged 2 years and above can become a member. Children between 2-18 years of age can become members through the signature of their parents/guardian on the ShebaMiles application form (hard copy) only; i.e. it is not possible to enroll through the website. Furthermore, no subscription/membership fee is charged.

No. The number on your Temporary card will be retained as the Permanent membership number.

Simply click here to log in to your ShebaMiles membership account using your membership number and password. 

A Password is required in order to allow access your ShebaMiles membership account via our website. By accessing your account online, you can update your personal information; such as your mailing address, email address, phone numbers, fax numbers, claim your missing flights, view your registered miles, track your card, and so much more.

You shall have your unique, personal and valid email address in your ShebaMiles profile to generate your password. If you do not have an email address or if you are not using the email address found in your profile anymore, please send us the scanned copy of your current passport with your email address to

To retrieve your password on your already existing email address in your profile, please click here. Your password will be sent to this email address.

To change your Password, please click log in to access your account online and click here

It is not possible to merge accounts that belong to another person.

There are three membership statuses in the ShebaMiles Program. These are Blue, Silver, and Gold membership statuses.

For more information on membership status qualification, please click here

Membership Tier level is not upgraded based on total mileage balance. A member’s Tier status is determined by the accrual of qualifying miles/segments within one calendar year (Jan1st-Dec 31st).

Blue membership has an effective date that represents the qualification month and year and has no end date. Silver and Gold membership have at least 12 months of validity when a member has qualified for the membership not involving Retroactive Mile registration. Retroactive Mile registration affects the qualification date, which may also affect the validity period.

For more information on membership benefits for each status, please click here

No. When you travel on any Star Alliance partner carrier, you may enjoy from the below benefits with your Blue, Silver and Gold membership status.

Silver Tier level in ShebaMiles is equivalent to Star Alliance Silver status. Gold Tier level is equivalent to Star Alliance Gold.

Star Alliance Silver Benefits

  • Priority Reservations Waitlisting - when there aren't any seats left on your preferred flight, gives you priority should a seat become available. (Not permitted for Star Alliance Award tickets.)
  • Priority Airport Standby - gives you top priority when standing by for a flight at the airport.


Star Alliance Gold Benefits

  • Priority Reservations Waitlisting - when there aren't any seats left on your preferred flight, gives you priority should a seat become available. (Not permitted for Star Alliance Award tickets.)
  • Priority Airport Standby - gives you top priority when standing-by a flight at the airport. (Not permitted for Star Alliance Award ticket travels.)
  • Priority Airport Check-in - allows you to check-in at the Business and/or First Class counter.
  • Priority Baggage Handling - like you, your bags get priority treatment and are among the first to be unloaded.
  • Extra Baggage Allowance - an additional 20kg or one additional piece of luggage (on transatlantic flights) which means you can check in three bags instead of two.
  • Priority Boarding - enjoy the freedom of boarding at your convenience along with First and Business Class passengers.
  • Airport Lounge Access - Star Alliance Gold card holders and one guest, have access to any lounge around the world that is identified with a Star Alliance Gold lounge sign when departing on a Star Alliance flight, no matter which class of service they travel in.

Just look for the 'Star Alliance Gold' sign outside the lounge and present the ticket for your same-day Star Alliance flight, your boarding pass and your Frequent Flyer Program card featuring the Star Alliance Gold logo. Guests must enter the lounges with an eligible Star Alliance Gold member and must depart on a Star Alliance member airline, but may travel on a different flight.

Please refer to the benefits offered in detail here.

  • If your name error is due to spelling or name order like swapping of first name and surname, please send us the scanned copy of your valid passport at by indicating your ShebaMiles membership number. Please try to use the email address in your ShebaMiles profile as much as possible.
  • For last name/surname changes and full name changes due to marriage or legal authorizations:
    • The name change request should be accompanied by copy of the relevant original document authorizing the change /court order or marriage certificate or other decision if any.  It should not be accompanied by the evidence of the change (passport) only.
    • The request should be accompanied by relevant documents copy i.e. ShebaMiles membership card, your previous and new valid passport or your previous and current government Id if you do not have a passport.
    • English translation of non-English documents.
    • Ethiopian Airlines may require the member to take such steps to verify the genuineness of the name change request through different means if Ethiopian Airlines has any suspicion.

Your ShebaMiles membership card will be sent to your address once you fly the minimum qualifying mile to achieve Blue Tier level; i.e. 3000 status miles or 2 flown segments, with Ethiopian Airlines or any of the Star Alliance Member Airlines. 

You can use your membership number or temporary card until you receive your permanent card.

Please make sure you've provided a standard physical mailing address so that you can receive your card within four weeks.

There could be multiple reasons that you have not yet received your permanent membership card. The following could be the reasons:

1. The physical mailing address you provided when registering to the program may not be correct. Please log-in and check your address.

2. You have not yet qualified for a permanent ShebaMiles card. Click here for the requirement.

Please log in and check the mailing address in your profile and as per the mailing address standard of your country of residence and if it is complete, please click on 'Lost Card Replacement Request' here

ShebaMiles Program Members can earn miles through flying on Ethiopian Airlines, ASKY, Malawian Airlines and other Star Alliance member airlines and using the services of Non-Airline Partners.
Miles cannot be accrued unless you actually travel and complete your flights or use the services of our non-airline Partners.

Base/Status Miles mean Miles accrued by a member under ShebaMiles in respect to basic consumption of qualifying goods and services. Base/Status miles are the actual flown distance between two cities that you earn on Ethiopian and other Star Alliance member airlines flights.

Bonus Miles are additional promotional miles such as Tier Bonus, enrollment bonus, online enrollment bonus, etc. or miles that you earn from the Program partner hotels, car rental companies and through the Program Promotional offers.

All flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines, ASKY Airlines, Malawian Airlines and Star Alliance member airlines are eligible except charter flights and flights specifically restricted from mile earning which is advised during booking.

Please click on this link, so as to refer to the detailed booking class classification and mileage earning percentages for each Airline Partner.

To receive automatic mileage credit, the name on your ShebaMiles membership account needs to match the name on your ticket. It is always important to have your tickets issued under the name that appears on your ShebaMiles membership account. However, if the name on passport does not match with that of your name on your ShebaMiles account please use the name that appears on your passport and send us copy of your passport along with your membership account number so that we may amend your name accordingly.

Retroactive Registration for miles you have earned 90 days before signing up for ShebaMiles membership is possible as long as retroactive mile registration formalities are completed within 12 months from the date of travel.

Yes. You will earn miles according to the Upgrade type:

  • Upgrade against your Miles redemption- You will receive credit of economy class miles according to the booking class earning percentage on your economy class ticket.
  • Upgrade against cash payment at the Airport- You will receive credit of additional business class bonus miles which is 50% of the base miles for the flown segment distance.

If your ShebaMiles membership number is provided while making your reservation and at check-in and upon completion of your journey, miles will be credited automatically to your account within 72 hours following your flight.

Your miles may not get registered due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your membership number was not registered at the time of booking, ticketing and/or check-in.  Thus, please ensure whenever you travel with Ethiopian, Star Alliance member carriers, ASKY airlines and/or Malawian Airlines flights, register your membership number at the time of booking, ticketing and/or check-in. 
  • Completed flights after being registered do not reflect on the account due to name mismatch on the purchased ticket and on the membership account. Thus, please make sure to issue tickets according to passport. And if your names on your ShebaMiles profile are different from names on the passport, please email your scanned copies of the passport to the address

You can request missing mile credit online using your membership number as log-in ID and password. For flights completed with Ethiopian, please follow this link and fill out the necessary self-explanatory requests:

For flights completed with Star Alliance member carriers as well as ASKY Airlines and Malawian Airlines, please forward the scanned copy of your tickets and boarding passes to Retroactive Credit requests on ShebaMiles Service Partner Airlines (ASKY, Malawian, and Star Alliance Member Airlines) reflect in membership account within 14 to 30 days from the date request is received at any of the Retroactive Registration contact points.

If you are a member of Star Alliance member Airline Frequent Flyer Program and in order to receive credit for missing flights, you will need to send a copy of your ticket receipt and original boarding passes to your Loyalty program service center. For such situations, it is always advisable to retain your original boarding passes and a copy of the tickets until the miles appear in your account statement.

The miles earned are valid for 3 years as of the date they are credited to your account. The information regarding the expiring miles(if any) is indicated on your mileage statement which is sent to your email address as well as displayed online after logging in to your account using this link The validity of expiring miles will be extended for one more calendar year if you travel on full fare tickets, purchase miles or register eligible activities from services taken with our Non-Airline Partners during the year when your miles are due for expiry. Please note that activities such as award mile refunds and flights taken on ShebaMiles award tickets will not extend the validity of your expiring miles.

If your name, email address, as well as mailing address are identical on both accounts, you may request to merge together the duplicate accounts by sending the request to along with the copy of your valid passport.

It is not possible to merge accounts that belong to another person.

As per ShebaMiles Program Terms and Conditions, Miles are not transferable and cannot be combined with the Miles of any other Frequent Flyer Program.

No, it is not possible to earn miles from the upgraded business class using your award miles. You will earn the applicable economy class miles according to the purchased ticket fare.

Members cannot add miles flown by their family members into their accounts as the ShebaMiles program is not currently running a Family Program.

Miles cannot be transferred between two or more accounts. However, for exceptional cases such as death of the account holder you may contact us through

To preserve the security of your ShebaMiles account, both award requests and account enquires must be made by the account holder only. Awards may be transferred to any award nominee or beneficiary by fulfilling the required online or physical requests and/or documentation by the member.

All award travel is subject to availability at the time of booking. Availability can vary according to flight, destination, day of travel and season. Ethiopian Airlines reserves the right to impose limitations and/or embargo periods on award travel.

Application for an Award Ticket is open from 365 days to 2 days before flight departure. Application confirmed more than 96 hours before scheduled flight departure should be ticketed before 72 hours before scheduled departure. Applications confirmed within 96 hours should be ticketed within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.

Awards, that are ticketed, are valid for 12 months or 1 year from the date of award mile redemption and ticketing.

You can enjoy a higher class of service when you have paid for the immediate lower cabin eligible class on Ethiopian Airlines and Star Alliance Member Airlines and if the desired seats are available.

You should order Upgrade Award at Ethiopian Airlines ticket office for a higher cabin on advance reservation. Upgrade Award can also be completed at check-in and boarding process using a purchased ticket and confirmed boarding pass on the actual boarding date. Please log on to your membership account and click here. However, for upgrade applications on Star Alliance member airlines is allowed only through the Ethiopian Airlines website.  Please log on to your membership account to process your Star Alliance upgrade award.

Miles cannot be pooled between two or more accounts for single award utilization.

You can purchase minimum of 1,000 miles and maximum of 20,000 miles to issue an award ticket in 12 consecutive months and if you are on Blue, Silver or Gold membership Tier levels.

You can log in and apply on-line through thislink or contact the nearest Ethiopian Airlines Ticket office for assisted award redemption.

You are permitted one voluntary stopover enroute to/from your turn-around destination.

Yes. ShebaMiles members can transfer their award ticket to their spouses, friends or any other person if the required formalities are fulfilled. However, it is not possible to combine or transfer miles between accounts.

Once your selected award travel has been ticketed, it is possible to change for a nominal administration fee. All award travel changes must be notified not later than 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled departure.

  • USD 50.00 per change for award tickets on ET international flights within the award validity date;
  • USD 50.00 per change for award tickets on Star Alliance partners, ASKY and Malawian Airlines flights within the award validity date;
  • USD 20.00 per change for award tickets on ET domestic flights within the award validity date;
  • USD 5.00 per change for class upgrade awards on ET flights within the award validity date.
Once miles are exchanged into tickets, re-routing of flight segments is not allowed.

Unused portions of award travel tickets cannot be re-credited to your account. Also, please keep in mind that ticket coupons for award flights involving connecting flights or stopovers must be used in the correct sequence.

  • USD 100.00 per redemption transaction for awards on ET international flights within the award validity date;
  • USD 100.00 per redemption transaction for awards on Star Alliance partners, ASKY and Malawian Airlines flights within the award validity date;
  • USD 50.00 per redemption transaction for awards on ET domestic flights within the award validity date.
Expired miles and a partially used award tickets are non-refundable.

SAUA is an acronym of Star Alliance Upgrade Awards.

With Star Alliance Upgrade Awards you can use your miles to upgrade your entire journey across all Star Alliance member airlines to the next one higher class by giving you more choice than any other alliance.

How to upgrade:

i)You'll need to first have a confirmed and ticketed reservation on the airline that you would like to have your upgrade award.

ii)Since all tickets purchased on any booking class are not eligible for upgrades please click here.

iii)Once the above two requirements are fulfilled please click here to process your upgrade. Please note that upgrade awards are based on availability where your will get the right response while processing the upgrade through the link provided.

iv)Once the process is successfully processed through the link and if you have the required miles in your account it will then be automatically deducted from your account.

Application for SAUA is allowed only through the Ethiopian Airlines website at this link which requires you to log-in to your membership account online and you can process SAUA through your Frequent Flyer Program only.

  • Flights operated by all Star Alliance member airlines are eligible for SAUA.
  • Class Restrictions: There may be some routes where there is no Business Class or First class service on the partner airline. 
  • Route Restrictions: There may be some routes, periods, and aircrafts that you cannot use or limits the number of seats available according to reasons deemed by the operating airline.
  • Flight Restrictions: Flights operated by Star Alliance member airlines are eligible.  A code share flight reservation made on a flight number other than the service partner airline that operates the flight is not eligible even if it is a flight that is operated by one of the airlines listed above.

Star Alliance Upgrade Award Miles are applicable for one-way and one flight segment. Any other routing will require combining two or more Awards in order to fulfill a redemption request.  Please click on this link in order to know the required miles for your upgrade.

Application submitted between 56 days (8 weeks) and 24 hours before the departure time of the flight for which upgrading is requested is acceptable. Upon completion of an upgrade, the reservation made in the lower class flight that has been initially made will be automatically cancelled.


  • >For Air New Zealand, apply between 28 days prior to the boarding date and 24 hours prior to departure.
  • For All Nippon Airways apply between 56 days prior to the boarding date and 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Tickets are not re-issued for SAUA confirmed bookings. Major elements for SAUA are automatically inserted in your booking reference and you will travel in the upgraded class with full privileges of the class of travel.

  • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards that have been applied for once are valid only for your reserved flights. Open tickets are not permitted.
  • Upgrade Awards are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.

You can log on line to view your latest registered flight, non-flight and award redemption activities in your account. Quarterly ShebaMiles statements which you can view online in your account or sent as e-statements provide a convenient record of the miles you have flown and the Award Miles you have accrued. If you have redeemed any award miles during the statement period, this will also be indicated, and your Award Miles balance as at the statement date will be shown.

Currently, we have partners ranging from hotels, restaurants, car rentals, shopping centers, spas, pharmacy, insurance companies, fitness center, language school, gas station, magazine, mobile roaming service, handicrafts and cruise service.

By using the services of our non-airline partners, you will be able to accumulate bonus miles which you can exchange for award tickets and upgrades.

To see the list of our Hotel partners and their services in detail, please visit here.

To see the list of our Dining partners and their services in detail, please visit here.

To see the list of our other partners and their services in detail, please visit here.

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