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Frequently Asked Questions
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Simply log on to and the online booking feature is available on the home page.
Ethiopian airlines web sales engine allows booking one way and return in 5 simple steps with features such as interactive calendar, low fare option, flexible schedule options etc.

The reservation has to be made online at at least 48 hours before departure.

You will need to pay online through your credit card or can pay in cash at Ethiopian ticket offices.

On purchase, the system will generate your itinerary receipt which is confirmation for your confirmed reservation and e-ticket issuance and display the same on the screen. On it, you will find the key information about your reservation and flights. You will need to print the page and produce it along with valid photo identification in order to enter the airport and for check-in.

Also, an email will be sent to the passengers email address which can also be printed and used to enter the airport and for check-in.

Go directly to the check-in counter. Your boarding pass will be issued against this itinerary receipt and the valid identification
Electronic Ticket is ticket less travel service. It is a way of issuing air tickets electronically which eliminates traditional paper tickets and creates an electronically held record (ticket) of the transaction. This electronic image of the ticket is stored in the Ethiopian Airlines reservation system.
E-Ticket is a convenient, fast and safe option to the regular physical paper ticket.

Now no more worries about losing or having the ticket stolen. You can book a confirmed ticket on up to 48 hours prior to departure.

It's convenient: you can buy and print your Electronic Ticket online in your home / office.

It's safe: the Electronic Ticket cannot be lost or stolen.

It's fast: you no longer have to collect the ticket from our office or rush to the airport to meet ticketing deadlines.
Although you do not receive a conventional paper ticket, you will receive an itinerary/receipt confirming your booking on your screen. This itinerary/receipt will also be sent to you by email either of which can be printer and used to enter the airport and also for check-in.
Currently, online booking service is available for all Ethiopian destinations.

Please contact for your travel plan on destinations which are not available online.
Yes, you can request for your Electronic tickets regardless if you have baggage to check or not.
You can make booking for up to three infants (ages 0-23 months) without seat. However, each infant must be accompanied by an adult passenger.
Currently you can book only Ethiopian airlines flights.
If you meet the date, time and eligibility criteria, you can book the advance purchase fares online.
For cancelation, change, refund and rebooking please contact our local Ethiopian ticket office or

The facility to waitlist bookings is not currently available while booking online on However, you can contact our reservations office, and we will be glad to help you.
You can book a maximum of 6 seats at a time (adults and children included).
Currently, we can only handle new bookings made directly online. If you already have a ticket, please contact your travel agent or Ethiopian airlines ticket/reservations office to confirm your travel dates.
Yes, you will see a confirmation page after making a successful booking. If you do not see one, please contact us at
All revenue tickets booked online will earn miles. Please ensure that the frequent flier number is provided in the form while booking.
Once you have confirmed your booking online, we will immediately debit your credit. This applies even if you decide to change your travel plans right after. Please contact the nearest Ethiopian office should you like to rearrange your travel plans or would like to seek a refund. Please note that refund and/or cancellation charges may apply according to applicable fare conditions.
Payment for online booking can be made through credit card/debit card,mobile or in cash at Ethiopian airlines offices.Ethiopian accepts VISA,MASTER,AMERICAN EXPRESS & DINERS CLUB credit cards.

Please note: The credit card used to pay for tickets is required at check-in or during refund processing.
Debit card is also accepted if it is branded with Master, visa and American express

Note: Local debit cards are acceptable from few African countries.
Ethiopian airlines is committed to the safety and security of the online transactions. Customer's credit card is as safe as possible when booked on

Information exchanged with us online is treated securely and protected by using the internationally accepted and industry standard powerful encryption technology (secure socket layer, SSL). This software encrypts customer's personal data as it is sent between the browser and our systems.

The web booking engine is directly connected to Sabre Reservation System & payment gateway(s) for credit card processing.
E-tickets will be issued for all bookings made online at

On a successful purchase the system will generate an Electronic Ticket and a printable itinerary receipt will be displayed. The itinerary receipt is your confirmation of travel. You will also receive an email with the status of your booking. You can print the confirmation shown on your screen or print the email.

Then all you have to do is walk in to the airport and check-in with valid photo identification and printed itinerary receipt. Your boarding pass will be issued against the itinerary receipt.
To enter the airport and for check-in, you must present the itinerary receipt along with valid photo identification: Passport (for international passengers).
To obtain only our flight schedules, select "Flight Schedules" at the home page, insert the sector and date of travel and click on the "Find Schedule" Button.
You can book one-way ,return trips or multiple cities in Economy and Business class. Bookings can be made only for adults, children and infants.
Before finalizing the booking or making payment, you can modify your cities, travel dates & times along with your connection preference.
Yes, you can hold your reservation and pay later with credit card at our call center or at any local Ethiopian ticket office.
For passengers selecting hold reservation and pay latter option the below ticket time table is applicable:-

If Departure time is

Booking will be cancelled after
Less than 48 hours 12 hours
Between 48 and 72 hours 24 hours
Between 72 hours and 3 month 48 hours
Above 3 month 3days
Yes, you can select "Pay at agency" option to book your reservation online and pay in cash at Ethiopian airlines office.
You can book a flight up to 10 months in advance provided the applicable fares are available.
Yes, you can book online for anyone provided you will be one of the travelers and use your valid credit card and provide correct passenger details while booking.

Payment with a credit card for another person is alternatively possible if you choose ‘Pay at Agency’ option to make a booking online and contact the nearest Ethiopian Airlines office to complete the payment using your card.
You can choose seat type at the time of booking on “Seat selection Page” or during online check-in.
Currently, we cannot accept any credits or vouchers for online purchases.
Yes. We offer selected special requests which can be selected from a pre-defined dropdown on the booking page.
In the case of expense account reporting, you can use your boarding card stub, which was issued at check-in and/or the Ethiopian airlines issued Electronic ticket itinerary/receipt.
Online customers, who break their journey for more than 72 hours, need to reconfirm their flight by contacting the nearest Ethiopian Airlines office. This can be done either by using telephone or by directly contacting the nearest Ethiopian office in person.
While booking online, you will be provided with a link to 'Fare Rules'. Please ensure you read the rules in detail and contact Ethiopian airlines offices for any clarifications.
You cannot lose an e-ticket as it is electronically generated and stored in our reservation system.
When you purchase your ticket online, your booking is confirmed at the time of purchase and you will receive a confirmation on your screen and also by email indicating that your transaction was successful.
Yes, except when those cities listed below are selected as an origin point: Abidjan, Abuja, Bamako, Enugu, Hargeisa, Juba, Kano, Khartoum, and Lagos  passengers are required to purchase their ticket at the nearest Ethiopian city ticket office after completing booking online when their plan commences from the above listed cities.

For security reasons, the holder of the credit card may be contacted by email to verify the credit card used at the airport or at nearby Ethiopian ticket office for in person verification.

Yes, Ethiopian accept local debit card from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Cameroon.

Yes, Ethiopian accept mobile payment from Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana.

For more information please contact,