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Ethiopian Airlines, the national flag carrier, is proud to announce that it has offered an extra section flight to 78 Ethiopian Coffee Sport Club fans on their travel to Arba Minch on Sunday.


Addis Ababa Sales Office in collaboration with Ethiopian Coffee Football Fans Board Chairpersons have prepared the extra section flight to Arba-Minch for the match held between the Arba-Minch Kenema Football Club and Ethiopian Coffee Football Club.


The service is for the second time by the Coffee Football Fans who have made similar extra section flight to Jimma a couple of weeks ago. Ethiopian feels proud to serve Ethiopian football clubs for their matches within the country in large numbers pledging that fans will find the best services on-board Ethiopian. Other Football clubs are also following the footsteps of Coffee club due to the spread of word of mouth by the coffee football fans that have enjoyed the quality service. Ethiopian believes similar services will play vital role for the growth of the domestic services with an increasing number of football stadiums being opened for games in all regional states.

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