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Chinese FAM trippers applauded the role Ethiopian is playing in promoting Ethiopia as a tourist destination.

ET Holidays, an in-house tour operations department that avails accessible, affordable and attractive tour packages to customers, organized a trip in collaboration with Beijing King International Travel Service, with the aim of promoting the airline and its services among potential Chinese customers as well as promoting Ethiopia’s tourist attractions.The team has visited tourist sites in Addis Ababa, Lalibela and Arbaminch as well as facilities at Ethiopian Airlines.

FAM-Tripper1.png FAM-Tripper1.png

The 13 Chinese national FAM Trippers, that include 10 celebrities, remarked that the visit not only helped promote Ethiopian Airlines and the country’s tourism, but also attracted a lot of Chinese interest in Ethiopia as the origin of coffee, with attractive investment opportunities.

Members of the group are popular TV hosts, celebrities and photographers who have significant number of followers on the Chinese micro-blogging website known as Weibo.


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