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Ethiopian Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), one of the finest aircraft, engine and components maintenance and overhaul centers in Africa and the Middle East, has achieved another milestone. It has successfully completed the modification of the first 10 Ethiopian Boeing 787 Dreamliners with more flatter and reclined bed position of business class seats which lays almost to full flat bed.


Realizing its strong vision in continuous improvement in customer services on ground and in-flight, Ethiopian has invested more than 300,000 US dollars in this retro-fitting program. The retro-fitting is completed and the aircrafts have started operations with the new bed position on all of 10 each B787-8 business class seats.


The retrofitted flatter business class seats are expected to enhance Ethiopian passengers’ the maximum comfort and improve the airline’s service to another level.

In the retrofitting process, Vender Zodiac seat UK (ZSUK) and Zodiac Seat Actuation (ZSA) have involved with Ethiopian Team to complete the first two aircrafts and the remaining eight were completed with the in-house skill of Ethiopian Aircraft System Engineering and Cabin maintenance technicians.

Ethiopian is the largest, fastest growing and most profitable airline in Africa. It has one of the youngest fleet in the world with an average age of 5 years and currently it serves 93 international destinations across 5 continents.

The MRO, one of the most advanced Ethiopian business units, by the year 2025, envisages becoming the leading MRO service provider in Africa by supporting the airlines operation and providing third party services in the continent and in the Middle East.

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