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Discover why Zurich has been awarded  "the city with the finest quality of life in the world". Come to the largest and wealthiest city in Switzerland which is also a major financial hub in the world. It has a dynamic, contemporary, endearing, and artistic appeal with its majestic cathedrals, guild buildings, and gorgeous fountains.

Flight frequency: 4 times per week direct flight  

Time zone: GMT+1

Currency: Swiss Franc

Language: French, German,Italian,Romansh


  • Spring months are March to May bringing refreshing change after the cold winter months. It is when the temperature starts rising up.

  • Summer months are June, July & August which are generally warm with average temperature ranging between 20°C  to 25°C.

  • Autumn lasts from September to November and tends to cool with stunning foliage as the leaves change colors.

  • Winter runs from December to February and is cold, with temperatures typically ranging from -2°C  to 6°C, with occasional drops below freezing.

City Guide

What to Visit?

Zurich is a beautiful historical town with residences built in historic styles and snow-capped mountains. The old, extensive history, and rich culture of this town are its main tourist draws. It also has a vibrant, modern, yet charming, and aesthetic appeal.

When visiting Zurich, be sure to take some time to explore the city's old town. Here you'll find a collection of medieval buildings and cobblestone streets that give the city its unique charm. Be sure to visit the Grossmünster, a beautiful Romanesque church with two distinctive towers that dominate the skyline. Another must-see attraction in Zurich is the Swiss National Museum. This museum houses a collection of over 1.5 million artifacts that tell the story of Switzerland's rich history and culture. From ancient artifacts to modern art, the Swiss National Museum has something for everyone. If you're a nature lover, Zurich is the perfect place to get outside and explore. The city is surrounded by the stunning Swiss Alps, offering endless opportunities for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. You can also visit the Uetliberg, a mountain located just outside of the city that offers panoramic views of the surrounding region


Zurich is a cultural treasure trove, with world-class museums, music venues, opera, and ballet. Kunsthaus Zürich is the most significant museum in Switzerland that is a must-see for art lovers as it is a housing for a vast collection of fine arts and sculptures ranging from the middle ages to the 20th century. The Zurich Opera House is another place for art lovers with its neo-classical building and rich architectural details being used for opera, ballet, concerts and the various recitals.


Of course, no trip to Zurich would be complete without trying some of the city's famous foods. Switzerland is known for its delicious chocolate and cheese, and Zurich is no exception. It is the best place to try well known swiss foods from its different cantons. It is known for its mouth watering cheese fondue which is basically a melted cheese served with bread, mushrooms, herbs and tomatoes.Be sure to try this fondue, and wash it all down with a glass of Swiss wine. Another must try food is Rosti which is a dish made of grated potatoes formed into a thick pancake and is a must try food in Zurich. There’s no way to avoid the almost ridiculous number of chocolate and pastry cafés and shops in Zurich so don’t resist, just indulge.

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