Effective from Jan 30 2021, 18:38 up to Feb 28 2021, 23:59

France has introduced a new COVID-19 restriction that strongly limits/prohibits travel to France. So, travelers are required to fulfill the following requirements.

First, passengers are required to have a negative PCR test certificate where the test is taken within 72 hours before departure.

Second, as per this new requirement, only passengers who have compelling reason to travel to France are permitted for travel. The following points are considered as compelling reason to travel to France. No passenger shall be accepted unless all accompanying documents for each compelling reason is complete.  

  • Death of a family member
  • Child custody by the parent
  • Summons by a judicial or administrative authority
  • Legal or economic impossibility of remaining in the territory in which the person is locate
  • Personal security (protection of children and the fight against the illicit movement of children abroad / protection of victims of domestic violence)
  • Student holding a long-stay visa (VLS), a short-stay visa (VCS) for studies or internships (excluding VCS Concourse),
  • Vital medical emergency (for the person as well as an accompanying person if their presence is essential)
  • Health professional contributing to the fight against COVID-19
  • One-off missions related to the exercise of public authority prerogatives (including diplomatic missions)
  • High level professional sportsmen for participation in meetings validated by the Ministry of Sports
  • Missions essential to the pursuit of an economic activity, requiring an on-site presence which cannot be postponed.
Third, the following three forms need to be completed by passengers before boarding plane:

1. Attestation form which indicates reason for travel and some health commitment issues.

2. Sworn Statement Form which requires to declare if they have COVID-19 Symptoms.

3. Passenger Locator Form. This form covers contact details of passenger and the people he/she reacted with,Hotel address, telephone number e-mail of passenger etc.

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