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City Guide, Milan

Milan is one of Italy's most fashionable cities and one of the richest cities in Europe but it also holds several historic and artistic attractions, including the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, the Last Supper painting, and the famous La Scala Opera House. Travelers to Milan will find a fast-paced, glamorous city with a thriving cultural scene and a top city for shopping. Although the city was heavily bombed during World War II, much of it was rebuilt.

Tourist Attractions

A city rich in style and fashion, Milan also comes with more than its fair share of leading tourist attractions. When you first arrive in Milan, do treat yourself to a guided tour of the city, whether on foot or by bus, so that you can see what attractions are on offer and where exactly they are located.

The Teatro alla Scala opera house is a particularly notable place of interest in the city, as are the many palaces of Milan, such as the Palazzo Borromeo, the Palazzo Marino and the Palazzo Real, amongst many others. Further tourist attractions within the city include the Meazza (San Siro) Stadium, the Rotonda della Besana, and the Giuseppe Verdi Music Conservatory (Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi).

Culture & Entertainment

Milan also has another important and long-standing tradition: the theatre. For centuries, some of its theatres and opera houses have been the performance sites of some of the best opera singers, composers and musicians, dancers, and playwrights and actors, both traditional and avant-garde. In contrast to their importance, the number of theatres in Milan is sparse, with most of them sitting in and around the Brera neighborhood –district of culture and nightlife par excellence – and putting on more than 300 performances annually, ranging from traditional and contemporary theatre productions to variety and cabaret. The theatre of all Milanese theatres is, of course, La Scala, one of the most important opera houses in the world.

Food and drink

Food in the whole Lombard region is predominantly cooked with butter and lard. There is a preference to rice and polenta rather than pasta. The most traditional dish in the Milanese cuisine is Saffron Risotto, followed by the “Busecca” that is the dialect word for tripe and the “Cassoeula”, pork casserole consisting of ribs, skin and sausages cooked with cabbage. The “ mondeghili” are fried meatballs fried in butter and the famous “Costoletta” or “Cottoletta alla Mialnese” is a thick veal escalope in breadcrumbs. Milan is also the birthplace of Panettone, the Italian Christmas cake.

Aperitifs are an important feature of the Milan food and drink scene, most bars offer a whole range of finger food to accompany the after work drinks in a mixture of pre-dinner snacks and socializing opportunity.


Many believe that if any city could ever challenge Paris for the title of global fashion capital, it would be Milan. This ultimate Mecca for all fashion addicts never fails to amaze with the number of designer flagships it’s home to. The exclusive boutiques and studios sell some of the most sophisticated fashion.

Milan was the birthplace for a number of labels that evoke the utmost respect in anyone familiar with the basics of fashion design. Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani all set up their original boutiques here. For those looking for something more affordable, Milan offers a multitude of shopping options for both new and second-hand fashion.

Milan Map

City Office
City: Rome
Address Via Bissolati 54 Roma 00187
Email & Phone Phone: +39 064 877 1370
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Customer Relations:
Working hours: Mon – Fri 09.00 – 17.00
City Office
City: Milan
Address: Via Paolo da Cannobio, 2
Email & Phone Phone: +39 023 676 9837
Group booking:
Customer Relations:
Fax: +39 02 36764275
Working hours: Mon – Fri 09.00 -17.00
Airport Office
City: Rome
Address Aeroporto L.da Vinci-Palazzina EPUA 
Stanza 516- 00050 Fiumicino (RM)
Phone: +39 6 65954123
Check in Terminal: Departure Hall Terminal 3
Arrival: Arrival Hall Terminal 3
Baggage Service: Alitalia-Lost and Found Baggage Service@ Arrival Hall Terminal 3.
Working hours:09:00a.m-10:00p.m
Ticket Desk Counter: Ethiopian Airlines Ticket Desk Counter
Terminal 3, Departure Hall
Ph: +39 06 6595 46441
Ph/Whatsapp: +39 366 9262760
Airport Office
City: Milan
Address Malpensa Airport
Phone: +39 274866661
For delayed luggage tracing (up to first 4 days)
Phone: +39 02 58581285
Working hours: 24 hours all year round
Online baggage tracing:
Working hours: Mon-Fri: Morning: 09.00-13.00 
Afternoon: 13.30 - 17.00
General Sales Agent - Cargo
GSA: Cargo
Name: Airconsult
Code: MIL
Country: ITALY
Position: Sales and Reservation
  Airportn Office:
Telephone NO: Country Code: +39
City Code:02
Telephone NO:58581212
Toll Free: (+39)800194986 
Fax Number: 58581187
Working Hours: 9:00-13:00 13:00-17:00
General Sales Agent - Cargo
GSA: Cargo
Name: Air consult
Code: ROM
City: ROME
Country: ITALY
Position: Sales and Reservation
E-mail: Airport:
Telephone NO: Country Code: +39
City Code:06
Airport Office: 54242538
Toll Free : (+39) 800194986
Fax Number: 54242534
Working Hours: 9.00-13.00 14,00-18.00

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