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Travel Documents Requirement

International Travel Document Requirements

Every passenger who desires to travel across any international boundary is required to posses the necessary travel documents that complies to the regulations of the country flown into.

Passport, Visa & Health Requirements

Passport, visa and health requirements vary from country to country and should be verified before travel. Please Contact your travel agent or the nearest Ethiopian ticket office for current regulation on passport, visa and health requirements of countries you are planning to travel to.

Many countries require proof of return/onward tickets and sufficient funds for your stay. Please contact the nearest Consulate of the Country to which you are traveling to for additional information.

Identification Cards (ID)

Please remember to carry your government-issued picture ID card at all times. Note also that you may be required to present proof of age (such as a birth certificate) at the airport for children who may be traveling with you.

Please note that many countries no longer accept hospital-issued birth certificates as acceptable documentation.

Yellow Fever Card

In some countries like South Africa, having a Card that certify you have taken a Yellow Fever Vaccination is a mandatory requirement. Please check the requirments of the country you plan to travel that you many not get inconvinienced at the port of entry.


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