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the e-Ticket

E-Ticket is a method to document the sale and track usage of passenger transportation and related services without issuing paper value documents. All details of the ticket are stored in the Airline’s computer system and the customer will be given specific information on paper, including an itinerary and a receipt.

When buying an E-Ticket, a confirmation number is assigned to each passenger along with flight numbers, dates, departure locations, and destination locations. All the customer needs to present at the airport is a valid positive identification and a boarding pass will be issued, luggage is checked and then it is time for the passengers to proceed through security to their gate areas.

E-Ticketing service is available at all Ethiopian offices, travel agents and interline partner airlines. It is part of the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) “Simplifying the Business” initiative which calls for the elimination of paper tickets. According to IATA, E-ticketing is more convenient to passengers and travel agents while reducing cost to the Airline.

To the Customer, E-ticketing will:

  • Eliminate loss of tickets
  • Make re-issue and refund easier
  • Enable the passenger to simply rebook from a flight of one airline to a service operated by another without having a paper ticket.
  • Enables the passenger to through check-in his/her final destination without the need for a paper ticket

To travel agents, E-ticketing will:

  • Improve productivity
  • Cut delivery cost
  • Provide real-time information about coupon status

E-Ticketing will enables Ethiopian Airlines to provide convenient service to its customers, eliminate cost associated with paper ticketing and to get real-time information about coupon status.

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