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Training Programs

Training Overview

The Pilot Training School prides itself as one of the prominent pilot training schools serving Ethiopia and the rest of Africa. The school is committed to training qualified pilots by availing the latest training aircraft and corresponding simulators, competent and experienced instructors, and suitable facilities of high standard.

Specialization Courses:

  • Multi-Crew-Pilot License (MPL)
  • Commercial Pilot Course (CPL)
  • Instrument Ratings Course (IR)
  • Multi-Engine Rating Course (ME)
  • Private Pilot License (PPL).
  • Flight Instructor Rating Course (FR).


  • 18 months for the three consecutive courses CPL/IR/ME
  • 14 months for MPL


To ensure that every ground training hour is matched with the necessary practice, we have provided a hands on exercises on state-of-the Art Simulators for each Training Aircraft.

Full Flight Training Simulators for:

  • B757/767
  • B737

Schedule acquisition of Training Simulators for:

  • B787 &
  • Q400

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