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Terms and Conditions

Enrollment Requirements

The following minimum requirements apply for enrollment in all programs:

  • Completion of 10+1 or 12th grade or equivalent qualification (for Applicants from Ethiopia)
  • Minimum high school completion for applicants from outside Ethiopia.
  • Sitting for the entrance examination and scoring at least 50% except for Certificate Programme (only for applicants from Ethiopia, nentrance examination applies for applicants outside Ethiopia)
  • Sufficient communication skill in the English language
  • Physical presence tattend all courses
  • Entrance examination does not apply for applicants of Certificate Programme and applicants outside Ethiopia.

Application Deadline

Applications for all programmes are received throughout the year via Ethiopian Airlines website link Private Training Application .

For Certificate Programme

All applications for trainings should reach the office at least 10 days before the commencement of the course through e-mail at Mgr Marketing Training

For Full Package Training Program and Basic Travel Agent Training

All applications for trainings should reach the office at least 5 days before the Entrance Examination Date. See below for details on Entrance Examination Date.

Entrance Examination Date for Full Package Training Program and Basic Travel Agent Training

  1. Entrance Examination dates will be posted on the website. Please visit our website for the exact dates of the examinations.
  2. Examinations are always held at the Ethiopian Aviation Academy, Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters located close tBole International Airport.
  3. Entrance Examination (For Applicants from Ethiopia ONLY)

The following conditions apply for applicants from Ethiopia ONLY. Applicants outside Ethiopia need not sit for Entrance Examination and pay an entrance examination fee.

  • All Applicants of Full Package Training Program and Basic Travel Agent Training Programme need tsit for an entrance examination that will be given by the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy, Marketing & Ground Operations Training Center before being enrolled for training.
  • Entrance examination fee of Birr 50.00 applies for Applicants from Ethiopia. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Amount is tbe deposited in favor of ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES at one of the following banks :
    • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
    • Addis Ababa Branch
    • Bank Account No. 01720-180298-00 located next tEthiopian Television Head Office, or
    • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
    • Airport Branch
    • Bank Account No. E-99, located close tBole International Airport, near the Airport
  • Applicants must produce the deposit slip on the entrance examination date in order tsit for the examination.
  • Applicants must bring a valid Identification Card (ID) or Passport and the bank deposit slip for payment of the entrance examination while coming for the exam.
  • Examination results will be availed on the website after 10 working days counting from the examination date.
  • For applicants that have successfully passed the entrance examination, payment date, procedure and training start date will be communicated through the website.
  • Documents for completion of high school will be checked for those participants whhave successfully passed the entrance examination.

Tuition Fee Payment

  • Complete payment for the training must be made before class start date of each course.
  • For applicants of Full Package training, installment payments may be arranged
  • Payment amounts will be advised tparticipants whhave successfully passed the entrance examination with all necessary details via the website of Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Once class is started, payment made for training is non-refundable. However, applicant may attend the same course for which payment is made within one year time from the date of payment subject ttraining and seat availability. Request for postponement must be made in writing tthe Manager Marketing & Ground Operations Training Center.
  • Before training has started, participant may request refund of amount paid for training. Such request must be made in writing tthe attention of Manager Marketing & Ground Operations Training Center.
  • If Ethiopian Aviation Academy cancels the course, payment made for training will be fully refundable.
  • Payment for training will be made at the company’s Chief Cashier office at the Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters located close tthe Bole International Airport.
  • For applicants outside Addis Ababa and/or Ethiopia, payment for course can be made at the closest Ethiopian Airlines Ticket office. Participant must collect Receipt Voucher for payment.
  • Participants must bring twpassport sized picture and valid “Kebele” ID card or passport and a copy of the ID or passport while coming for payment.
  • Participants must bring the original receipt for payment of course on the class starting date.

The Courses

Details on courses and course duration

  • For Full Package Training Program click here, for Certificate Programme click here, for Basic Travel Agent Training click here.
  • Courses will be conducted at the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy located close tBole International Airport.
  • Classes will be conducted on working days.

For Basic Travel Agent Training

  • Basic Reservations, Basic Passenger Fares and Ticketing and GalileReservations & Ticketing courses are given for Basic Travel Agent Training.
  • After successful completion of both Basic Reservations and Basic Passenger Fares & Ticketing courses, interested participants may proceed with an automated training like Galileor others as applicable. For details on GalileTraining, please contact GalileEthiopia at+251-115-509732/501904.
  • Basic Reservations is a pre-requisite for the Basic Passenger Fares and Ticketing course
  • Duration of courses will be :
    • 12 weeks for evening sessions(including GalileReservations & Ticketing): Monday –Friday (05:00p.m-8:00p.m); or
    • 6 weeks if sessions are run during the day (including GalileReservations & Ticketing); Monday Friday (08:00a.m-04:45p.m). This shall be communicated when available.

For Full Package Training

Please see below the course details and duration of trainings. Training runs from Monday tFriday during the daytime from 08:00a.m-5:00p.m.



Duration of training in days
01. Basic Airline Reservations 7
02. Basic Passenger Fares & Ticketing 8
03. Basic CargSkills & Procedures 7
04. Live Animals Regulation(LAR) 3
05. Perishable CargHandling (PER) 2
06. Dangerous Goods Regulations (Initial I) 5
07. Airline Passenger Handling 5
08. World Tracer 5
09. Customer Service 5
10. Occupational Passenger, Ramp & Airside Safety 2
11. Ramp Handling (tspecific aircrafts) 5
12. GalileReservations & Ticketing 10

How you will benefit?

  1. Up on completion of the training, you will be awarded a Diploma in “Principles & Practices of Selling and Handling International Air Transport Services”.
  2. Increase your job opportunity working in airlines, travel agencies, cargforwarders, cargpackers & movers and ground handling companies.

What you need tknow.

  1. Registration through Ethiopian Airlines Web site. Please see the Terms and Conditions part of this page for the requirement and application form.
  2. NEntrance Examination would apply for applicants outside Ethiopia.
  3. Accommodation at Ethiopian Aviation Academy may be availed for applicants outside Ethiopia. There will be additional fee for this service.
  4. Ncourse can be taken individually as this is a Diploma Package.

Please send an e-mail Mgr Marketing Training for more details.

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