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The year 1956 marked the coming into existence of the aviation training department of Ethiopian airlines with the objective of providing the airline with required skilled aviation personnel. It is this seed of the training department that has flourished into what is now Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA).

Since its inception, the Academy has proved itself to be a center of excellence developing skilled workforce for operational divisions of not only Ethiopian Airlines but also the wider African aviation industry.

Driven by the Airlines’ commitment for self-sufficiency and meeting the growing demands for its training from customer around the world, the Academy has continuously expanded both in capacity and staffing over the years.

Attributed to this expansion is the current size and training provision capacity of the academy encompassing six independently running aviation training schools catering to both local and international aviation training needs.

The Academy consists of:

  1. Cabin Crew Training School
  2. Marketing & Ground Operations Training School
  3. Pilot Training School
  4. Aviation Maintenance Technician School
  5. Technical Recurrent Training School, and
  6. Leadership Training

The Training Quality and Curriculum Development (TQ&CD) department, which since 1990 represents TRAINAIR in the Academy, is a testimony of the Academy’s commitment to industry standards and excellence.

A fully staffed administrative section with supportive role to all functions of the Academy is also in place and running.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for its basic and recurrent training programs from domestic and international customers, the Ethiopian Aviation Academy is currently undergoing a massive transformation by heavily investing to equip itself with modern training aircraft, computer based trainings, simulators, and other ultra-modern facilities.

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