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Customer satisfaction questionnaire of Addis Ababa Sales Office
Customer satisfaction questionnaire for ADDIS ABABA PASSANGER sales Office.

Customer type*:    
Name of sales representative*:     (optional)

Q1.   How knowledgeable was the salesperson about the product(s)/service(s)?
Q2.  Was the salesperson dressed professionally?
Q3.  Response time to acknowledge your inquiries, either by phone or email?
Q4.  How attentive was the salesperson to your needs?
Q5.  Promptness of salesperson in handling a problem?
Q6.  How Frequent does the salesperson pay you visit?
Q7.  The salesperson take the time and initiation to discuss and clarify [if needed] the product-i.e. fare types
         [promo, new, labor, outdated, active, flight dates, restrictions and types]
Q8.   How respectful is the salesperson?
Q9.  Handling of special requests-STCR, GRP, and Package. [How well and fast?]
Q10.  Overall, how satisfied are you with our salesperson?
Q11.   If you do have any comment (appreciation or dissatisfaction), that will help us serve you better,
             please let us know.

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