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Frequently Asked Questions
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Air cargo rates vary considerably depending on the origin,destination and the required services. Since Ethiopian Cargo claims to provide its customers with best competitive rates, rate quotations are offered locally. Ethiopian Cargo has a worldwide network of Customer Service Offices. You can find a complete list of offices here.

Cargo imported in to Ethiopia can be cleared at Ethiopian cargo terminal by consignee or Maritime Sevices Corporation or any clearing agent.

Cargo export out of Ethiopia is subject to customs clearnce prior to acceptance and has to be delivered before 48 hrs of flight departure of cooling period.

Customes Duty Hours

Monday - Sunday 06:00 - 22:00 Local Time
Any Cargo to be transported internationally will be subject to customs clearance prior to acceptance by the airline according to the customs regulation of the country of origin.
Upon acceptance of a shipment, the package shall be checked for completeness & its condition should be to its acceptable standard and also checked whether it can be loaded on to an aircraft it is intended for.

Each package must be packed to ascertain safe transportation and if it is containing of fluids there should be a room for expansion.

  1. DGR goods are assigned to the packing group
    1. Greater Danger
    2. Medium Danger
    3. Minor Danger

    Acceptance of such shipments are subject to compliance with the current IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation.

  2. Dangerous Goods are classified as:

    • Explosives
    • Gases
    • Flammable liquids
    • Flammable solids, substances liable to spontaneous combusion; substances which in contact with water emits flammable gases.
    • Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides
    • Toxic & infectious substances
    • Radio active materials
    • Corrosives
    • Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
  3. Acceptance of Live Animal consignment is subject to the conditions of the Live Animal resolution as described in the IATA Live Animal resolution manual.

    Animals can be accepted only in suitable container which must be leak and escape proof and permit handling, feeding, watering and cleaning with out the risk of animals' escape of harming handling staff and must be big enough to let the animals stand up and lie down in comfort and with out risk of the animals injuring themselves on nails, wire nets & etc.

  4. Packaging for perishable shipments must be of a standard that will help maintain the condition of the contents and minimize the effects of transporation time and environmental changes like temprature and humidity etc.

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