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Frequently Asked Questions
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Delayed flight is any scheduled passenger flight departing or arriving behind its original schedule because of mechanical, operational or other reasons. A delay, cancellation or disruption is beyond Ethiopian Airlines control when it is caused by circumstances such as weather, strike, sudden airport closure or political situation.
  • Schedule change, delay or cancellation, will be advised to all passengers preferably before they departed from home or hotel. If already at the airport they will be advised at the time of check-in or at the gate with apology. Please take care to provide us with accurate contact information.
  • If the delay is extended and accurate information cannot be obtained (due to the nature & cause of the delay), the airline agent will take passengers’ contact and keep them informed about the developments. The information advice could be supported by technology like SMS, updating the information on the web site, etc…
  • Real-time flight information is also available by calling our central reservation office on +251 11 665 6666.
  • For All departing and transit passengers Ethiopian Airlines will send a message free of charge to one of their relatives at the point of stopover or destination.(Please refer delayed/ cancelled flight compensation table)
  • Passengers shall be updated on the situation every 15 minutes staring from 30 minutes before scheduled time of departure.
  • Refreshment shall be given for a delay more than 2 hours. If however, the time of departure is close to breakfast, lunch or dinner time, the service shall be the appropriate meal.

Protection plan shall be made immediately for passengers with connecting flights beyond to their final destination.

Unaccompanied minor shall be rerouted as quickly as possible even on ET flights that are overbooked.

Passenger should not be rerouted via countries for which he/she holds no proper travel documents such as (transit) visa.

Passengers shall be protected to fly to their destinations by the fastest means available.
All paying passengers who have checked-in and already accepted for travel on a delayed flight are entitled for the compensation program regardless of their original reservation status and the following will be offered:
  • Snacks and telephone calls will be offered depending on the delayed time.
  • Meal will be offered during normal meal hours.
  • Hotel accommodation may not be extended to local joining resident passengers. However, assistance may be given, if needed, in transportation.

This program will not be availed for passengers if:

  • Passenger did not show up at the airport for check-in (no-show passengers), regardless of there reservation status will not be entitled for this program.
  • Early departure.
  • Delayed flights on domestic services.
  • Delayed flights beyond Ethiopian Airlines control such as:
    • Adverse weather conditions
    • Political turmoil at point of the passenger’s origin or destination
    • Safety or Security concerns
    • Industrial disputes
    • Labor and other strikes
    • ATC or/and other airport operational problems beyond ET’s control.

Denied Boarding means refusal to accommodate passengers on a flight although they have valid ticket, a confirmed reservation on that flight and presented themselves for check-in within the required time limit due to an overbooking.
Overbooked Flight means a flight where the number of passengers holding confirmed reservation and presented themselves for check-in within the required time limit exceeds the number of available seats on that flight/compartment.
Volunteer – means a person who has a valid ticket, a confirmed reservation and presented himself/herself for check-in within the required time limit and who responds positively to a call for passengers to surrender their confirmed reservation in exchange for compensation.
  • You will be re-routed to your final destination at the earliest opportunity or protected on the next Ethiopian flight.
  • The cost of the ticket will be reimbursed without penalty for the part of the journey not made on Ethiopian.
  • Telephone call, refreshment, meal and accommodation will be offered as per the table above.

Denied Boarding Compensation (DBC) will be paid to a passenger who:

  • Has a valid ticket purchased from ET or an agent of ET irrespective of whether the ticket is a document of ET or any other carrier having Interline Agreement with ET.
  • Holds a confirmed and valid booking on that particular ET flight.
  • Has presented himself/herself for check-in for the particular ET flight at the time and place specified by ET (before counter/check-in activity for the particular flight is closed) within the latest check in time or within the stations minimum connecting time (MCT) for connecting passengers and is in possession of the necessary travel documents.

  • Passengers who have been re-protected on other means shall not be paid with DBC if the delay at point of arrival does not exceed four hours when compared to the original schedule.
  • Carriage is denied for reasons beyond the control of ET he/she is not checked in before or at the latest check in time.
  • The behavior, health condition or immigration status of the passenger as such entitles ET to refuse the passenger.
  • He/she has refused to comply with the lawful instructions of ET
  • He/she has refused to undergo security check
  • Holding ID(Airline staff ticket) ticket or reduced rate ticket.
  • Holding a ticket blacklisted as lost, stolen, fraudulent or otherwise suspicious.

Ethiopian will apply its own Denied Boarding Compensation scheme on all International flights on the basis of distance flown. However compensation given in MCO will be refunded at a 50% discounted price in cash.

Children between 2 and12 years of age are entitled to 50 % of the above Denied Boarding Compensation Scheme.

EU regulation shall apply for flights departing from Europe.

Dot rules apply for flights originating from USA.