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-Flight from Nairobi to JubaUSD 115.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
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City Guide, Juba

Juba is a fast growing city and capital of the newly formed country of South Soudan. Juba is on the White Nile River. The city of Juba is a river port and forms the southern terminus of traffic along the river Nile or to be more precise along the White Nile. Juba is undergoing renovation and will sport a new look in the coming years. The city boasts of one of the premiere institutions in the country that is the Juba National University where students from different parts of the country come to study. The tourists coming to Juba try to visit the university which has become a place of interest.

Tourist Attraction

The city of Juba is one of the chief tourist destinations in South Sudan owing to its natural beauty and strategic location. Juba in South Sudan is a favorite tourist haunt because it is easily accessible from different corners of the world. There are international fights coming to the airport in Juba which makes it easier for the tourists to access the city.

Culture and entertainment

There are people of various faiths, Christianity is the main religion, Islam is very common and all other religions are accepted. The main languages are English and 'Juba Arabic'. Juba Arabic is a mix of Arabic and the local language; Bari; and is the street language. Shopkeepers from the South speak English, those from the north speak Arabic while traders and hawkers are mostly from Uganda and speak English.

Most people wine and dine in the evenings at the numerous restaurants, bars and hotels. Many bars have big TV's for English Premier League football. On weekends you can also take a boat trip on the Nile (from Oasis Camp) or go fishing.

Food and drink

The local staples in juba are Kisra, Kudra and Bamia. Kisra is a very wide bread made from slightly fermented sorghum flour. Kudra is a green vegetable which grows near the river. Bamia is boiled with beef and served in a stew. Often the meat and vegetables are 'pasted', served in a thick peanut sauce. There are very many other local foods, but do not worry, local food is not served at any of the international hotels, so you will end up eating European and American food most of the time.


There are number of supermarkets in the city which supplies different items for local and gusts. Some of them are: Jit Supper market

Located in the city center; Juba Town, Jit is THE place to shop, it has everything. Jit supermarket has clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toiletries, newspapers and magazines, electronics, food, wines, spirits, computer accessories, chocolates, juices, soda, ice cream, cold processed meats, kitchen equipment, fridges, generators, cookers, their own brand of bottled water, bags, stationery, and so many other items. Upstairs there is a whole floor of furniture. And Konyo Market ;this is the main market. It is smack in the middle of the city. The market has many distinct areas, the whole sale shops, hardware and building materials, food kiosks, stalls, bus park areas and open areas.

Juba Map

City Office
City: Juba
Address: Airport-Ministries Road Panorama Building Ground Floor
Tel: +211956212301 (Area Manager)
+211956988408 (Station Manager)
E-mail: JUBCTO@ethiopianairlines.com

Airport Office
E-mail: JUBAPT@ethiopianairlines.com
Tel: +211955336505

Juba Airport Map

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