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-Flight from N'Djamena to JeddahXAF 444800.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Seoul to JeddahKRW 723465.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Nairobi to JeddahUSD 165.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Cairo to JeddahEGP 1077.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Mombassa to JeddahUSD 210.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Djibouti to JeddahDJF 48965.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Johannesburg to JeddahZAR 2500.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Addis Ababa to JeddahUSD 330.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Bangkok to JeddahTHB 11080.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Rome to JeddahEUR 317.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now

City Guide, Jeddah

Jeddah is the second largest city after Riyadh; it is the main port of the Kingdom on the Red Sea and main gate through which most of the pilgrims arrive by air and sea to perform Umrah, Haj or to visit the two holy mosques. Jeddah is an industrial and active commercial center, with modern features, squares and courtyards. It is an important tourism center, with an eighty kilometer long beautiful corniche on the Red Sea coast. Jeddah also comprises the King Abdul Aziz University, King Abdul Aziz International Airport and Jeddah Islamic Port.

Tourist attraction

The museums at Jeddah with the collection of ancient materials and photos also attract tourists in large numbers. The Municipality Museum is one of the Jeddah Museums and is the only building of the period of British Legation in Jeddah. The traditional design, ancient materials and the interesting historical photos of the emergence of Jehhad displayed at the museum are loved by the tourists. The other important museums are Abdul Raouf Khalil's Museum, Castle of Cultural Arts Museum and Islamic Fiqh Academy. Jeddah also boasts a wide range of options for recreational activities which includes the amusement parks.

Culture and entertainment

Jeddah has many big and good sculptures. While in Jeddah, do enjoy seeing them all. There are something like a thousand sculptures. Some especially worth seeing are the Sadaf Square and the victorious horse square. Sunset at the Jeddah Corniche is never the same. At the Beach, one can camp, or snorkel in the coral reefs. For divers, there are the wrecks too. For the children there are pony and camel rides.

The Durrat Al Rous is a massive modern tourist village known for many things especially fishing, diving and swimming in the Red Sea. It has golden sand beaches and speedboats, jet ski, wind surfing and refreshments. There are also special children's playgrounds with life attendants. The Jeddah Fountain is said to be the tallest in the world, with a height of 261 meters, and is visible for miles around on a floodlit night.

Food and drink

Due to the cosmopolitan character of the city, people will find a variety of national cuisines in Jeddah. One would find restaurants that offer cuisines of different countries. Some of them offer Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Lebanese, Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Egyptian and Moroccan dishes.


Jeddah is bursting at the seams with the newest craze in the whole shopping experience: "destination malls." Saudi Arabia is a shopper's paradise. The real bargains to be had are at the old souks, and shopping there is a fascinating cultural experience. But on the other side of the cultural coin are the most modern and upscale shopping malls one can imagine. Almost all of these unbelievable malls have a full-scale amusement / entertainment park, fountains and other water features, and separate men's and women's facilities for prayer conveniently located right inside. Several of the malls offer ice skating.

Jeddah Map

City Office
City: Jeddah
Country: Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
Address: Adham Commercial Center, Medina Road toward Downtown
Mailing address: P.o.Box 8913 Jeddah 21492
E-mail: jedam@ethiopianairlines.com
Phone: 6512996/ 6512365/ 6519609/ 6516614
Fax: 6516670
Working hours: Sat -Wed : 09:00 - 13:00 / 17:00 - 20:00
Thu : 09:00 - 13:00 / 17:00 - 19:00

Airport Office
Airport: King Abdulaziz International
Address: King Abdulaziz International Airport
Mailing address: P.o.Box 8913 Jeddah 21492
Phone: 6853064 6853196
Fax: 6853064
E-mail: jedapt@ethiopianairlines.com, jedet@arab.net.sa
Working hours: Sat - Fri : 08:00 - 16:00

Address: Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Phone: (966-2) 6531222
Fax: (966-2) 6534258

King Abdulaziz International Airport

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