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City Guide, Lagos

Lagos ,Nigeria, on the Gulf of Guinea. It comprises the island of Lagos. Lagos is Nigeria's largest city, its administrative and economic center, and its chief port. Industries include railroad repair, motor vehicle assembly, food processing, and the manufacture of metal products, textiles, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, soap, and furniture. The city is a road and rail terminus and has an international airport. An old Yoruba town, Lagos, beginning in the 15th cent., grew as a trade center and seaport.

From independence until 1991, Lagos was the capital of Nigeria. The capital was then moved to Abuja, although some governmental departments remain in Lagos.

Tourist attraction

There are a number of interesting and beautiful Tourist Attractions in Lagos. As such tourists visit Lagos from every corner of the world round the year. Lagos is a coastal city situated in the country of Nigeria.  There are lot things which you can see in Lagos. Tourist Attractions in Lagos are the major interest of the tourists visiting the city.

Lagos Lagoon has become one of the important Tourist Attractions in Lagos. The name of this place has been connected with the city of Lagos. Lagos is one of the prominent cities of the country of Nigeria. The name of this place actually means "lakes" in Portuguese. Lagos Lagoon in Lagos stretches about a large area. A large sand pit which is about 2 to 5 km wide separates the Lagoon from the great Atlantic Ocean. You will find that one part of the Lagos Lagoon is very moist in nature.

There is a Lagos Harbour which is constructed in the form of a channel. This harbor runs through the centre of Lagos Lagoon in Lagos. It is with the help of this Lagos Harbour that Lagoon drains into the Atlantic Ocean. The Harbour also covers a large area in the city.

Culture and Entertainment

One of the most attractive buildings in Lagos is the National Museum. The Museum houses numerous exhibits of Nigeria's ancient civilizations, including some famous bronze and terracotta sculptures. Everything is labeled reasonably clearly so it's easy to understand by yourself. One of the most important displays is of the Benin bronze plaques. The statue once adorned the royal palace at Benin City.

Other important places include, Tafawa Balewa Square on the Lagos Island, Badagry which was the ancient slave port and is today also known for its "sun tan" beach, and the bubbly Vespa Market in Abuja. The great Zuma rock is also an important attraction in the city. One side of the rock is said to be a human face. From Lagos one must also visit the ancient city of Zaria and the Sokoto Sultanate

Food and drink

Rice items, items made of plantain or dodo, corn, dry or wet flours are offered in the restaurants in Lagos. Beans are consumed as Bean cakes, Bean pie, Bean soup and Bean pottage. Local stews and soups are also available in the restaurants and bars. They are mostly eaten with some type of vegetable like spinach, okra, bitter leaves, Ewedu, Apon etc. Isiewu or goat head soup, pepper soup, melon seed or Egusi soup, cow feet stew are other popular soups. A lot of grains, seafood, vegetables and fruits are eaten in addition to Western dishes.


The markets of Lagos are colorful, busy and invariably crowded. Strolling through the Lekki Market, can be an exciting affair. One will come across a variety of interesting items. The assorted items include beads, masks, small paintings and various items made of wood as well as fruit, vegetables and fresh fish at Ilasan Market or Ola Fegushi. Customers who can bargain hard can stand to gain a lot. On the way back from the Market, shop one must visit the recently completed Palms Shopping Mall and Entertainment Center in the city. Credit cards are accepted in very few places in Lagos. However one can easily change euros or dollars into 'naira', the Nigerian currency, at one of the many exchange dealers.

Lagos Map

City Office
City: Lagos
Country: Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
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Working hours: Mon-Fri: 08:30-17:00 Sat/Public Holidays: 08:30-13:00

Airport Office
Airport: Murtala Mohammed Int'l Airport, Ikeja, Lagos
Address: Murtala Mohammed Int'l Airport, Ikeja, Lagos
Tel: +234-1-7744710/7751921/3
Fax: +234-1-4616297
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