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-Flight from Mumbai to LilongweINR 18040.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
-Flight from Kigali to LilongweUSD 372.00EconomyReturn TripGOBook Now
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City Guide, Lilongwe

Lilongwe is the capital of Malawi and the country’s second largest city. Lilongwe started as a small village on the banks of the Lilongwe river, and became a colonial administrative center at the beginning of the 20th century. Lilongwe became the capital of Malawi in 1974. Lilongwe is divided into a New and Old City.

Tourist attractions

There are some excellent tourist Attractions in Lilongwe which is also known as the Garden City. There are colorful flowering trees in the city that adds to the beauty of the modern architecture and the parkland. One of the popular Tourist Attractions in Lilongwe is the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary that is located in the center of the city. Visitors looking for sightseeing in Lilongwe will find the place an ideal destination. This is a natural reserve that is rich in flora and fauna. There are many different wildlife to be seen at the sanctuary.

Sightseeing in Lilongwe includes visiting various places of interest set near this city. These tourist spots include Cape Maclear, Salima, Kuti Wildlife Park and South Luangwa National Park. Cape Maclear is a small village close to this city which is very picturesque. You can visit Salima a small resort town near the capital city of Lilongwe. Kuti Wildlife Park is ideal for nature lovers. You can visit this park and view several species of animals and birds.

Culture and entertainment

Culture of Malawi, one should always remind the intrepid history addicts the fact that Malawi unlike the homogeneity of various Western societies, offers a wide and diverse variety of cultural mosaic of tribes and clans. Each of these clans vary considerably form each other and their beliefs, music, dance, customs even the ways of building houses differs. Malawi is a close kaleidoscope of cultures and beliefs that belie the common essence of conventional wisdom.

The city provides a lot of recreational activities like the facilities at Lilongwe Golf Club, game viewing at the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary at Capital Hill, and a vibrant nightlife at a variety of clubs. Just two hours drive from the city you can spend a weekend on the shores of beautiful Lake Malawi, the largest fresh water lake in southern Africa. Lilongwe is also home to people from different cultures and nationalities which is reflected in the variety of international restaurants available.

Food and drink

Traditional eateries are extremely popular amongst the tourists and locals. The roadways are lined with an avenue of eateries. hese are popularly known as tuck shops. The tuck shops offer you packaged cookies or take away meals. Meat pies or sausage rolls are some of the best take away options in these tuck shops.

Apart from sampling some of the popular dishes in Malawi, you can try out some of the popular drinks in Malawi. A traditional local drink worth sampling is mahewu, also known as maheu. Taste this beverage and enjoy a refreshing experience. Sample some of the best Cuisine in Malawi and drinks of Malawi to make the most of your dining in Malawi.


The main Shopping in Malawi is around the supermarkets of Shoprite and the Nico center in area 3 on the west bank of the Lilongwe river in Old Town. A newer similar shopping center is located near the Mchinji round about across from the Seven Eleven Filling station -the Crossroads Shopping center. There are several shopping plazas and Internet cafes that have sprouted in recent years and rae very popular with tourists .To get a fair deal on the crafts and arts fare that is on offer in Shopping in Malawi one should be able to bargain very hard. Almost any necessity can be purchase din Lilongwe and and many back-packers and overland travelers stop in Lilongwe to stock-up and enjoy city life for a few days.

Lilongwe City Map

City Office
City: Lilongwe
Country: Malawi
Address: Mitco House, Lilongwe
Mailing address: P.o.Box 30427, Lilongwe ,Malawi
E-mail: llwam@ethiopianairlines.com
Phone: 771002/771308/772031/772013
Fax: (265-01) 772013
Working hours: Mon - Fri : 07:30 - 12:00 / 13:00-16:30 Sat: 08:00-12:00

Airport Office
Airport: Kamusu International Airport
Address: Murtala Mohammed Int'l Airport, Ikeja, Lagos
Tel: +234-1-7744710/7751921/3
Fax: +234-1-4616297
E-mail llwapt@ethiopianairlines.com
Working hours: Mon Closed Tue 15:00-19:00
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Lilongwe International Airport Map

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