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City Guide, Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, commonly known simply as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany. Situated on the Main River, Frankfurt is the financial and transportation centre of Germany and the largest financial centre in continental Europe. It is home to the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Trade Fair. Frankfurt Airport is one of the world's busiest international airports, and is the biggest cargo airport in Europe.

Tourist Attractions

Frankfurt is a visually striking city and it is for this reason that many of its best tourist attractions are based around places of architectural and aesthetic interest. Guided tours of the city give visitors the chance to see its many fascinating sights and learn some compelling facts about Frankfurt's past.

However, if you've got kids, then a trip to the Frankfurt Zoo is probably more up their street, where a range of animal attractions can be found housed in landscaped enclosures. The main tourist attractions within Frankfurt are shown below.

Culture & Entertainment

The streets are filled with museums, theaters, galleries, gardens and pedestrian only zones. All of these keep a sense of what Germans are really like. They are a culture that enjoys and expects to have nature around them. They have taken great pride in keeping their parks, pathways and gardens clean and open to the public. Taking a stroll is almost a pass time in Germany. Not only do they go for walks but they take the entire family to the parks. This is a place to hang out and relax.

Frankfurt is just a small section of Germany but it shows off the best of what Germany has to offer. You can get to know the people and the area by just walking around the city streets. This is why Frankfurt will continue to grow and welcome more people to their city.

There is something for everybody in this city. Entertainment in Frankfurt is a big and happy family, which has members like cinemas, theaters, sports, operas. You will be able to have total fun in the vibrant nightlife of the city. You can do a lot to get yourself entertained in this city. You can take a walk along the River Main, which is one of the best ways to spend some time of the lazy afternoon.

Food and Drink

Frankfurt cuisine has evolved as a national cuisine through centuries of social and political change with variations from region to region. The southern regions of Germany, including Bavaria and neighboring Swabia, share many dishes. However, ingredients and dishes vary by state. There are many significant regional dishes that have become both national and regional. Many dishes that were once regional, however, have proliferated in different variations across the country into the present day.

Pork, beef, and poultry are the main varieties of meat consumed in Germany, with pork being the most popular. Beer is very common throughout all parts of Germany, with many local and regional breweries producing a wide variety of superb beers


Frankfurt may be renowned for its financial institutions and trade fair but the city on the Main has some superlative outlets for the discerning shopper as well – whether you’re the wife of a well-paid banker or a traveler looking for a bargain.

The most popular shopping area is the Zeil Fussgängerzone (pedestrian street), beginning at Hauptwache and stretching all the way to Konstablerwache, with the city’s main department stores (Kaufhof and Karstadt) as bookends. There are ample small shops and boutiques with clothes, shoes, leather goods, and plenty of fast-food joints and bakeries to keep anyone busy for at least a day.

Frankfurt Map

City Office
City: Frankfurt Main
Country: Federal Republic of Germany
Address: Am Hauptbahnhof 6
Mailing address: P.o.Box 750254 Am Hauptbahnhof 6, 60329 Frankfurt am Main Federal Republic of Germany
E-mail: frares@ethiopianairlines.com, fraam@ethiopianairlines.com
Phone: 0049 69 274 00720/21/22/27/29
Mobile: 0049 1711 472 569
Fax: +49 69 274 00730
Working hours: Mon - Fri 09:00-17:30

Airport Office
Airport: Frankfurt Main
Address: Airport Office Frankfurt Flughafen, Terminal 1, Hall B, Room 201.2164 (Behind Customs Office) P.O.BOX 750254,
Tel: +49-(0)69690 51921/6976 9790
Mobile: 0049 1764 0251 387
Fax: +49-(0) 69691945
E-mail fraapt@ethiopianairlines.com

Company: ATC Aviation Services AG
Address: Cargo City Süd, Geb. 641; 60549 Frankfurt /Germany
Phone: +49 69 698053 47
Fax: +49 69 698053 20
E-mail fra@atc-aviation.com

Frankfurt am Main Airport Map

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