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City Guide, Bangui

Bangui , capital city of the Central African Republic, a port on the Ubangi River, near the Congo (Kinshasa) border. Bangui is an administrative, trade, and communications center. Its manufactures include textiles, food products, beer, shoes, and soap. Bangui's port handles most of the country's international trade; the chief exports are cotton, timber, coffee, and sisal. Bangui is at the hub of the nation's road network. The city was founded in 1889. The Univ. of Bangui is located here.

Tourist attractions

The main tourist attractions are hunting, fishing, the waterfalls, and the many varieties of wild animals. Of special interest are the falls at Boali and Kembé, the megaliths of Bouar, and the Pygmies at Mongoumba. Features include waterfalls near the capital city Bangui, primate safaris with gorilla watching, elephants, rhinoceros and buffaloes as well as pristine rainforests in untouched settings.

Culture and entertainment

Local culture is also very much connected with religion and often expressed in art from their colorful clothes to crafts, dancing, singing and so on. Traditional art is usually represented by pottery; decorative objects made of leather, ivory, wood and can be found in special markets while modern art is present especially in art exhibitions organized by different institutions like the French Cultural Centre, local museum and so on.

Food and drink

Western food is only available in the capital, Bangui. Most of the top-class hotels have good restaurants. The standard of these restaurants is high, but they do tend to be expensive. Bars are numerous in Bangui with both table and counter service. Drinking and smoking are not encouraged in Muslim society; in Muslim areas, drinking is best done in private. Elsewhere, there are numerous beer halls offering beverages of a high standard.


Bangui has reasonable shopping facilities, notably for ebony, gold jewelry, butterfly collections and objets d’art made from butterfly wings.

Bangui Map

City Office
Country:Central African Repubic
Mailing Address:C/O Africa Discovery P.O. Box 107 B.Boganda Avenue
Bangui, Central Africa Republic
Mailing address:01 BP 5897 ABJ 01
E-mail: BirhanA@ethiopianairlines.com
Phone:00236 75 41 11 11
00236 72 25 77 77
00236 70 55 11 11
00236 75 37 27 60 (Area Manager)

Bangui M'Poko International Airport Map

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