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City Guide, Douala

Douala is one of the well known cities of Cameroon, its home to the largest port and also the cities major international airport, the Douala Airport. The commercial capital of the country, it manages most of the country's major exports, such as cocoa, oil and coffee, as well as trade to or from Chad. The country’s largest market, the Eko Market is also situated here.

Tourist attractions

Tourist Attractions in Douala will make you enjoy your tour to this city of Cameroon in a better way. You will find that it is one of the most memorable of your trips. You will find various interesting places here. These places include various museums that showcase different works of art. These will fascinate students of art or any other art enthusiast. Tourist Attractions in Douala are quite varied and help you get an insight into the cultural side of the people dwelling here.

Among all the tourist attractions in Douala the L'espace Doual'art, Douala is perhaps the most famous one. It is a place that has a brilliant collection of contemporary arts. If you come to this place then you will be able to take a look at this museum then you will get a good idea of the kind of the artistic talent that is present in this part of the country. If you come to this place of tourist attractions in Douala then you will also see the good architecture of the place. You can also read at the library here. This place will give you much knowledge about the visual art. The building also organizes exhibitions. If you want you can go to the cafetaria to have a sip of coffee.

Culture and entertainment

Douala is a large and hilly city. Once you come to this city, you will find yourself in the lap of nature. As the city is placed amidst an equatorial forest region of Cameroon, natural beauty will surely mesmerize you. A visit to Mt. Cameroon is the best thing that one can do during the tours in Douala. The Wouri River that lies next to it is very beautiful. This river is always seen filled with oceangoing cargoes and passenger ships. Cameroon has distinct regional cultural, religious, and political traditions as well as ethnic variety. A sense of a common national culture has been created through shared history, schooling, national holidays and symbols, and enthusiasm for soccer.

Food and drink

Local food is excellent, but luxury items can be extremely expensive. There are many restaurants in big towns and cities, with good service. Douala and Yaoundé have by far the greatest variety, with many different styles of cuisine represented, including Lebanese, Asian, African and European. Cheap and tasty Cameroonian food is served in chantiers and chop houses. The coastal area offers excellent fresh fish and prawns. Most international hotels have bars.


Local handicrafts include highly decorated pots, drinking horns, jugs, bottles and cups, wood carvings, great earthenware bowls and delicate pottery, dishes and trays, mats and rugs woven from grass, raffia, jeweler and camel hair, cotton and beadwork garments. These are sold in the marchés artisanales (tourist or craft markets) found in large towns and tourist areas.

Some stallholders offer items which they describe as antique: in many cases they're merely distressed. Special permission must be obtained from the Delegation Provinciale de Tourisme in Douala to take genuine antiquities out of the country. The main markets in most towns sell fresh produce, cheap clothing and household essentials rather than souvenirs, but can be good places to find African-style printed cotton fabric.

Douala City Map

City Ticket Office
City: Douala
Address: 30 Avenue De Gaulle, Bonanjo
Mailing Address Ethiopian Airlines P.O. Box 1326, Douala
E-mail: TesfayeG@ethiopianairlines.com,
Phone: (237) 33 43 02 64
Fax: (237) 33 43 01 67
Working hours Mon - Fri 08:30-12:30Pm & 14:30-17:30
Sat 08:30-12:30 Pm

Airport Office
Airport: Douala International Airport
  Phone: +237 33433730
E-mail DlaApt@ethiopianairlines.com

Douala International Airport Map

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