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Warehouse & Ground Equipment

In its endeavor to make Addis Ababa an international cargo hub, Ethiopian has invested in the construction of a 14,000 m2 new Cargo Terminal at Bole International Airport at a cost of about USD 35 million.

The warehouse facility includes, among other things, 2000 m2 cold room facility with storage capacity of 130 tones of palletized cargo (52 pallets) at temperature varying from minus 23 0C to plus 11 0C.

Medicine +2 °C.
Cooler +21 °C.
Deep freezer -23 °C.
Reception area +11 °C.

Until Load Device (ULDs), such as containers, pallets, nets, straps, carts and dollies, are used in the preparation and handling of cargo shipments.

Motorized ground equipment, such as towing tugs, high loaders, belt loaders, fork-lifts and scissor lifts are also used in the loading and unloading of cargo.

Ethiopian takes great pride in its cargo operation and storage facilities. Continuing additions and improvement to these facilities have insured safe and efficient handling of all types of cargo.

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