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Our Cargo Terminal

Terminal Facilities

Addis Ababa Cargo Terminal is one of the best air freight terminals where your cargo will be quickly and efficiently handled and sped on its way, usually with immediate arrival to final destinations, no matter where the point of origin.

Due to its strategic location, Addis Ababa has the potential to establish itself as an international hub for perishables such as flowers, herbs, fruit and meat. Prerequisite however is a facility that handles cargo in accordance with international standards and expectations. Perishables require the rapid processing and maintaining of integrity of the cold chain management. The layout of the cargo terminal planned with this objective in mind. (2,000 square meters, which is fifteen percent of the building‘s area) is dedicated for handling of perishables. Due to perishable’s market boom in the region, Ethiopian has launched perishable terminal expansion project with an additional capacity of 125,000 tones and 120 pallet positions.

Facility highlights include:

Imports/Exports warehouse

  • Large warehouses of over 14,000 square meters with annual freight capacity of 350,000 tones.
  • Capability for about 180 aircraft pallet positions (88”/96”X125”).
  • Two ETV'S (Elevation Transportation Vehicles) and 10 electric forklifts operating 24 hours, in addition to two ultra-modern forklifts and stackers capable of operating in narrow aisle racking systems.
  • 4,000 Fully Bar-coded Euro Pallet positions
  • Oversized and heavy cargo floor storage:
    • Export -200 square meters
    • Import – 500 square meters

Special storage areas

  • Different areas of cold rooms can be set at temperatures varying from minus 23 degree Celsius to plus 11 degree Celsius.
  • Vault/Safe-Room for valuables.
  • Dangerous goods storage room.
  • Radioactive materials storage room
  • One Human Remains room/Morgue room
  • Live animals cages

Closed Circuit TV and Other security systems: Our Warehouse is fully secure with 38 cameras spread throughout the warehouse and the surrounding. Moreover our warehouse is equipped with additional and redundant security systems such as X-ray systems, explosive detectors and handheld scanners.

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