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Ethiopian cargo has launched eAWB out of its ADD hub to IAD, YYZ, FCO, LHR, DXB, LGG, TLV and MXP

News Release – Ethiopian Airlines
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia May 06, 2013

Ethiopian Cargo E-freight project Status Summary

Airline industry is experiencing recurring challenges of escalating costs. To hold out the Challenges, an industry modernization program known as Simplifying the Business (StB) has been initiated by the IATA board of governors in November 2004.

The first five IATA StB initiatives were: E-ticketing (ET), Bar-coded boarding pass (BCBP), common use self service Kiosk (CUSS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and E-freight. There are some more initiatives coming in and being implemented at various segments of the aviation industry, not only to with stand the cost challenges but also to meet the very dynamic customer needs.

As one of the IATA StB initiatives, E-freight aims at taking paper out of the air cargo supply chain and replace it with cheaper, more accurate and more reliable electronic messaging. Facilitated by IATA, the project is an industry wide initiative involving carriers, freight forwarders, and ground handlers, shippers/consignees and customs authorities.

The key benefits of the e-freight initiative are:

  • Lower cost: Per IATA industry savings of up to US $ 4.9 billion annual
  • Faster service: a reduced cycle time of an average of 24 hours
  • Greater reliability and accuracy: one time electronic data entry at point of origin
  • Quality and visibility: electronic documentations allow better visibility, document miss placed and for online track and trace functionality
  • Regulatory advantage : encourage countries to build any new e-customs requirements around this standard
  • Environmental: e-fright will eliminate more that 7,800 tons of paper documents which is equivalent to 80 Boeing 747 freighter load per IATA.

Ethiopian, as IATA member airline, should comply with the board of governors’ mandates. Moreover, it has been a year since Ethiopian cargo started working on the implementation of the project in order to harvest the envisaged benefits as early as possible.

Ethiopia, as a country, has passed the high level assessment (HLA) conducted by IATA. The second assessment called the detailed level assessment (DLA) is also at final stage. Ethiopian Cargo is working with Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority and other concerned government bodies to finalize the requirement for original documents, which is the only DLA gap pending.

Currently, Ethiopian Cargo has successfully carried out e-AWB/E-freight pilot tests on Selected International and Domestic trade lanes, and signed bilateral EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) agreement with shippers and freight forwarders. Ethiopian Cargo is currently conducting e-freight/e-AWB awareness seminars as part of the project change management plan.

Based on the results obtained from the pilot project, Ethiopian cargo has launched eAWB out of its ADD hub to IAD, YYZ, FCO, LHR, DXB, LGG, TLV and MXP. Ethiopian is also working so hard with all the involved stakeholders to expand eAWB implementation to the rest of its destination from ADD hub.

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