Eligible Flight

All international flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines are eligible for this award.


Specific awards are assigned to round trips and one way. Round trip applies to 2 segment flights. One way applies to 1 segment flight.

Specific Award Rules

Miles indicated in the chart are good for Award Ticket redemption. It applies to flights that depart from Addis Ababa to an international airport, or arrive to Addis Ababa from an international airport.

Exception is provided for redeeming Awards on flights that are operated between international airports without calling Addis Ababa.

There are some periods when Award Tickets cannot be used on Ethiopian Airlines International Flights. Seats for flights are subject to availability at all times.  Seats may not be available for awards even if seats are available for paid tickets.  

Award tickets are ineligible for mile accrual.

Combination of Awards

Combination of the Awards is allowed for cross region travel via Addis Ababa. Combine 70 percent of the miles required for each region to determine the cross region new miles amount.

Award Application

Members can apply on-line  or should contact the nearest Ethiopian Airlines Ticket office for assisted redemption.

Application and Ticketing

Application for an Award Ticket is open from 330 days to 7 days before flight departure.

Application confirmed more than 96 hours before scheduled flight departure should be ticketed before 72 hours before scheduled departure.  Applications confirmed within 96 hours should be ticketed within 24 hours.


Waitlist is not allowed. Reservation for the entire itinerary should be confirmed. Open tickets cannot be issued.

Taxes and Other fees

Taxes and other dues should be paid by the passenger.


  • Once application is submitted, the passenger name, the name of the person whose miles are being redeemed and the segment cannot be changed.
  • Dates and Flight can be changed. Change to reservation can be made up to 4 days before the departure of the flight if the application is not ticketed.
  • Dates and Flight can be changed after ticketing for USD 50.00 per change.
    • After the first issuance of the Award Ticket, Silver Tier Members are allowed one free rebooking before commencement of the trip.
    • After the first issuance of the Award Ticket, Gold Tier Members are allowed two free re-bookings before commencement of the trip.

Infants and Children

Miles indicated on the chart apply to an adult, a child and an infant who occupy a seat. An infant without a seat travels free of charge when accompanied by an adult.

Validity of Award

Awards that are ticketed are valid for 12 months from the date of ticketing.


Members can transfer an award to a third person who has been pre-nominated by the member at the time of applying for an award over the Ethiopian Airlines website, or at ET office.

Refund Services

  • No refund for partially used Award Tickets.
  • Fully unutilized Award Ticket or Upgrade may be refunded against a fee of USD 100.00. Miles should be within the mile validity period. Expired Miles are non-refundable.
  • Exception: Fully unutilized Award Ticket on Ethiopian Airlines Domestic Flight should be refunded against a fee of USD 50.00
  • Apply for refund at the nearest Ethiopian Airlines Ticket Office.
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