Earning Miles from Purchasing Miles

Miles can be purchased in order to top up your account balance to reach your desired award request. Mile sales are in block of thousands, the minimum possible one time purchase being 1,000 miles and the maximum 20,000 miles within twelve consecutive months.

Each block of 1,000 miles costs USD25.00, however, the cost may vary from season to season. Thus, you may want to be on the lookout for the best season or day. Mile prices can be changed by the ShebaMiles office anytime. A service fee of USD 5.00 or equivalent in local currency has to be paid in addition to the purchased mile value.

Purchased miles will be credited as Bonus Miles to the member’s account and are neither counted towards Tier qualification nor can they be exchanged back for cash.

All unredeemed purchased miles will be subject to expiry as per the mileage expiry rules of the program.

  Mile Registration Period

Mile purchase should be completed directly with Ethiopian Airlines Ticket offices. Purchased Miles reflect in the membership account on the 3rd day from the date of purchase. Confirm mile registration on the Internet, at an Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service Office or through an account statement.

  Eligibility for Accrual

  • Blue, Silver and Gold members are eligible for purchase of Miles.
  • Mile could be purchased and stored in Members Account for future use.
  • Purchased Miles are bonus Miles.

  Status Miles

Purchased Miles are not Status Miles.

  Accrual Rates

Accrual rates vary from season to season. Thus, members should check for the latest accrual rates.

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