Mile Registration

You can register your miles with all International Ethiopian Airlines flights. Reservations should show Full Name as per Name on Passport that coincides with the Full Name on ShebaMiles Membership Account. Membership Number should be added to the reservation record at the time of flight reservation. The reservation agent will store membership number in a travel itinerary, and upon the request of a member, at a travel agency office or airline reservation, or ticket office. Reservation made via the will require the member to store membership number in the travel itinerary.

These actions should safely store your membership number in your travel itinerary. Reservation confirmation then shall show your ShebaMiles Membership number and your Full Name from your Membership account.

  Important Notes:

  • Re-add Membership Number to Reservation in case of any advised change to the original reservation or ticket because of the airline or member travel plan.  
  • Register ShebaMiles Number at the time of Check-in or at the boarding gate in the airport.
  • When making flight transfers, please make sure to register for Mile accrual at each airport of transfer.
  • When connecting to an international flight from Ethiopian Airlines Domestic flight, please present your ShebaMiles Card upon check-in to ensure Mile accrual.
  • There may be cases in which miles are not accrued after boarding even if mile registration has been completed in advance. Please keep all necessary documents for Retroactive Registration until mileage accrual is confirmed. (Refer to page 28)

  Mile Registration Period

Membership numbers registered at reservation or check-in will reflect in membership account on the 5th day from the date of boarding. Mile registration can be confirmed on the Internet, at an Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service Office or on an account statement.

  Eligibility for Accrual

  • Ethiopian Airlines International flight miles are accrued miles which are calculated by multiplying the accrual rate of each booking class by the Base mile for each flight segment.
  • An accrual ratio based on the Booking Class of flight applies for mileage accrual.
  • Miles will be accrued only for members who board a flight.
  • Bonus miles will only be credited for applicable flights when those miles have been credited to ShebaMiles Member Account.
  • When travelling alone and using multiple seats to carry bulky luggage such as instruments or paintings, miles will only be accrued for one person.
  • If seat is upgraded including Upgrade Awards, and the difference in Booking Class is not paid by the member, miles will be accrued based on the original (paid booking class) booking class.
  • If a seat is downgraded, miles are accrued for the boarded class.
  • Free tickets and some booking classes are not eligible for mile credit.

  Status Miles

  • Base Miles and Cloud Nine Bonus Miles earned on Ethiopian Airlines International Flights are Status Miles.

  Accrual Rates

Ethiopian Airlines International flights accrue Mile as per the Mile Chart to ShebaMiles Members.

  Important Notes:

  • Under no circumstance will mile credit be granted for flights not boarded due to delay, cancellation, etc.
  • Duplicate registration of Mile with Service Partner program is prohibited.
  • Once miles have been credited to a Service Partner program, they cannot be converted to ShebaMiles Miles. Conversely, once miles are credited to ShebaMiles program, they cannot be converted to a Service Partner program.

Retro Active Flight Mile Credit Request

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