Credit/Debit Card Restrictions

Please be advised that third party payment with credit/debit card through the internet is possible for individuals other than the card holder. However, for security reasons, the holder of the credit card may be contacted by email to verify the credit card used at the airport or at nearby Ethiopian ticket office for in person verification.

For third party payment card holders can authorize the payment by filling the credit card authorization form. Please click here to view the form: Credit card Authorization form

Card holders are required to bring the credit card used at the time of online booking along with their travel documents on the date of departure as it is required for verification.

Ethiopian Airlines accepts credit and debit cards when they are branded as Visa, MasterCard or American Express, Diners Club And  UATP. In addition Ethiopian airlines accept PayPal, local debit card and mobile payment from some African countries. Boleto voucher is also acceptable from Brazil.

Ethiopian Airlines don’t accept credit/Debit card payments in few countries .

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