All check-in counters are opened 3 hours before departure and counters are closed 1 hour before departure. Passengers need to ensure that they come with confirmed bookings, and travel documents in order for their respective destination and transit points, which they will need to present at the counters. Passengers must also ensure that their luggage is within the allowed weight/piece for their particular flight. Any weight/piece above the allowance will incur extra charge.

Separate counters are available for Cloud Nine passengers and frequent fliers with Silver/Gold ShebaMiles membership cards. Once Cloud Nine passengers and Silver/Gold ShebaMiles members have completed their check-in process they will be given an invitation card to use the Cloud Nine Lounge and ShebaMiles Lounge both located at the Departure Area.

Check-in at the counter

For personal service, our friendly staffs at our check-in counters at airports we fly to around the world are happy to help you. They make sure that your baggage is checked through to your final destination and give you your boarding pass.

Kiosk Check-in

Kiosk check-in Saves time and simplifies the process.Kiosk check-in process has five simple Steps for passengers to proceed to self flight check-in at the airport:

  1. Locate a kiosk self-service terminal of the airline and select the Ethiopian Airline tab. Choose a language (English or French).
  2. Find booking: Find the booking in 3 ways (By Destination, Flight Number or Reservation code)
  3. Confirm that you are not carrying any hazardous material and/or dangerous goods in your checked-in baggage and carry-on baggage as check-in activity shall not be initiated unless the same is confirmed.
  4. Check-in and add personal details. Choose an available seat from the interactive seat plan or accept the ones suggested. Add any missing personal details like Passport information, frequent traveler number and checked baggage details.
  5. Issue Boarding pass. The boarding pass will now be printed by the kiosk. There should be a 2D barcode on the boarding pass.

Baggage Check in

Checked Baggage: Passengers are permitted a free checked baggage allowance the limit of which may differ by class and point of origin-destination.

Excess baggage may be carried on payment of applicable charges.

The free baggage allowances and the applicable excess baggage rate for each origin destination pair is available on Baggage Allowances Calculator.

Cabin/Hand Baggage: For business class on all Ethiopian routes you are allowed to carry only two piece of hand baggage with a maximum weight of 8kgs and measuring not more than 20x40x55cms or 8x16x22inches into the cabin.

Please contact your nearest Ethiopian airlines office for more specific information

Check-in/Reporting time

The time shown on flight coupons is the departure time of the aircraft. In order to perform check-in operations in due time, the passenger is requested to report at the airport check-in counter 3 hours prior to flights departure.

Furthermore, due to security reason at Addis Ababa airport, local passengers who checked-in for their flights will not be allowed to go out to meet their relatives and friends but must continue immigration process.

Passengers to/from the U.S.A are required to report at least 3 hours prior to flight departure. Passengers who fail to report within the above time limit should be aware that Ethiopian Airlines reserves the right not to accept passengers who arrive later than 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure.

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